My Rotation theory worked in my favor today. The HB9 Hairstylist called me today and I never asked for her number or gave her mine! I think I luckily wrote my number on a receipt a long time ago and she somehow dug up my number! This was so perfect, so beautiful don't know what to say. Here is the phone convo after 8 months of rotations on this chick. I did go in the other day for a haircut and she was not there so this was my first time missing her in 8 months. I knew she would probably be pissed but to create a Jealousy Plotline which worked wonderfully and due to the Oneitis days of old I said very little to the other stylist.

Walk in

PUA "I usually go through XXX Girl"
Stylist "Do you want to come back?"
PUA "No I am working all day."

I didn't "try" essentially to ask if my Target liked me, I felt like telling her to give my target a message but I felt like that was too damn needy. Well I said nothing about the issue, she found out anyway! Score, here is the phone convo. Keep in mind I never N-closed this Hired Gun to build intrigue as if I asked for her number the first 2-3 times I would have been rejected for sure. By never officially getting rejected the intrigue was getting out of control as of late. Here is the phone convo.

Local number calling....WTH I think but I always answer local calls so.

PUA "Hello"
No Answer
Looks to phone
PUA "Hello?"
Target "Is this Jack?"
PUA "Yes"
Target "This is Target from XYZ Salon."
Thinks to himself like holy crap she is pissed off and going to tell me I am creeping and never to come there again right?? My first thought. So kinda just let her do the talking.
Target "I found out you came and got your haircut from Desire and I was super pissed."
PUA "Yeah I knew you would be pissed. I was too busy."
Target "Well I just wanted to call you because I am quitting and today is my last day. I am picking all my stuff up BUT I was hoping you would want to come with me?"
PUA "Yeah totally"
HB9 Target Hairstylist Hired Gun "Well I am going to XYZ studio and I called you on my personal phone number so if you have ANY QUESTIONS let me know."
PUA "Yeah I will see you again soon."

Holy, holy, holy cow.


This is remarkable. After 8 months of rotating and asking her out playfully a hundred times (never srs 100% srs asking just playing her) she never said no. Said she was done with relationships and I said I didn't believe her. She said what happens if I move. I told her I would move on. I told her I pick up chicks all the time. I told her to text me one time joking around and she said I don't have your number. I was like I don't think this is how that works. She was like I would get fired if I gave out my number.

She just planned this perfectly for me to
A. Get her number
B. Display interest
C. Now know her new job

This is NOT Normal for a girl to call a customer and said hey come with me. This is incredible not only do I have a girl obsessed with me at work who is sending me a creeper email today I had the Hairstylist call me completely out of the blue and practically confess her love to me. OMG! Well good job to me, myself, and I for getting the interest levels for the hairstylist through the roof and she totally just set up an ideal situation for a relationship.