Hello Gentlemen!

I met this bartender last night and generated some attraction. She kept coming back and talking to me when she doesnt normally do so (it is a bar I frequent). I started with the penut butter vs nutella opener, went with cold reads and performed the cube. You could tell she was interested once the cube was finished. I started with basic rapport but wasnt able to build more than 2 connections because I had to leave. I couldnt do much Kino at all (like literally only touched her once) because she didnt come from behind the bar and reaching across would have been weird. She is a little shy so it would have been an awkward movement in this case.

She is an interior designer on the side and said she was willing to help me remodel my apartment (I asked). I am working on getting her over here. The rub is this...I have never dealt with Hired Guns before and am a little unsure how to move forward once she shows up. Do I just treat her like any other girl?

Your thoughts are welcome.