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    Default Great girl but keeps holding back

    Hey guys,

    New one for me, met a great girl, I feel like a LTR material for me.

    Awesome first date, by the 3rd time of hanging out we got to my place and were hot on the Kino and strong eye contact and made out for 10-15 minutes, eventually the hands got to the thigh and she stops me. On the 3rd she told me about her 5 date rule she and her friends have. Whether it's true or not I carry on with different approaches to make out with her for the next few times I've hung out with her.

    Stuff like
    pick her up and throw her on the bed
    While she was cooking I spun her around and pushed her against the wall etc etc

    When she tries to cool it, I don't verbalise anything, just smile or get off and continue with whatever

    I'm quite a sexual person in the moment and she seems game with it but I've noticed now (6ish time of hanging out!) she isn't as into it and still tells me to behave with a smile or a giggle.

    It's fun and different, Usually when I can hold them down and kiss them, its like putty.

    I've noticed plenty of IOIs and gone fishing for some too and "comes to find me" if i haven't paid her some attention or I'm on my phone. She has mentioned there is other reasons she waits but when I causally pressed for her to expand, she didn't want to talk about it.

    It feels like she wants me to chase and I will get the prize eventually but I can't help but feel it's comfortable and boring like I need to go missing for a bit to spark her into life.

    Bit lost on this one boys



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    Default Re: Great girl but keeps holding back

    Freeze her out a bit. If you feel shes going to pull back when you guys are making out or during kino, pull back before she can. Leave her wanting a bit more. In practice, here's a situation I've used NUMEROUS times and always works:

    HB and I are in my bed making out, etc. but she won't let sex happen. I sense this happening so immediately turn my lights on, get out my laptop and check my emails, surf the web, etc. This did a few things. It changed the scene to something she didn't necessarily want, showed her I'm not focused on sex (though I really was) and also that I'm not like every other pushy AFC guy she's likely been with.

    The HB in this case is probably feeling a bit uncomfortable that you're no longer chasing her...maybe you say, "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to...etc. etc. etc." Truth is, she does want to sleep with you all night long but she doesn't want to be seen as a slut (hence the 5 date rule she's put in place). It's just an ASD (look it up) she's put up and there are many ways for you to get around it.

    Apologies, I'm getting a bit off topic, one thing I'm very good at in the game is going from Kino to F-closing....I could still use more practice approaching LOL

    You're thinking is right though, in that "Like I need to go missing for a bit to spark her into life"'re right, theoretically...some thing needs to happen for her to realize how great it will be to sleep with you and there are many routes. Give her a reason.

    Enjoy and have fun brotha! And report back.

    - Shoreguy
    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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