Hey guys, I took a couple of years off but have always held high regards from the advice and conversations in this forum. Each tid bit of advice has built a new me and I'm happy about my direction in life.

Now that I'm back I did have a few questions because I just need more opinions than my own. You could break this down to Isolation stuff but I work best understanding philosophy. I'm trying to improve my mental health and growth, this isn't just a mission to get laid.

So I find it real easy these days to talk to everyone, being a artist / painter helps and it definetly changes the pace of conversation compared to what most people set their direction in life to be. I get these intense moments with women where the first thing they say to me is that they "love my art", personally I'm over the compliments. They exist like meta data on a jpeg. I know they're interested in me and I probably am interested in them. I now know what its like to be the hot chick being approached by women but how do I move past the conversation about art when their interest spikes after seeing my capabilities? Do I literally just change the conversations about ourselves instead of investing in a conversation just about art? Its kind of baffling to me that this has happened close to a hundred times in the last 2 years and I don't know how to grow my Mindset and navigate these conversations into relationship or even small ones.

Thanks I'm advance guys.