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Thread: Girl in Class

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    Default Girl in Class

    Ok, so theres a girl who sites adjacent from me in my Linear Algebra class and I'm genuinely struggling in the class because I procrastinate on the homework and always cram the day before assignments are do. The class is pretty quiet and so I can't really talk to the girl aside from maybe when I first come in class. She seems kind of shy and that gives me the feeling shes single (even though shes honestly pretty hot). What I was thinking of doing was just sitting right next to her and jokingly say "are you good at this stuff?" and if she says yeah or something like that I'll say "I'm going to start cheating off you then" hoping to get a giggle. Now like I said the class is quiet so theres really no 'being social' in the class besides before and after class so I'm thinking I'm going to have to just catch her walking after class is over and trying to talk to her. I was thinking of asking her if she wants to study outside of class because I really wouldn't be dishonest if I said I'd like help and then while were doing that joke and stuff. Now I'm just focused on what should I say to build some rapport. Like give me an example of what to say after I do the "I'm going to cheat off you thing" to end the conversation in a positive tone but not end awkwardly then what should I first say when I approach after class when everybody is leaving in the hall?

    I'm honestly better at approaching random girls on the street because they dont know me and if things go bad I know I'll probably never see them again and its easier to state my intentions, so I really need help doing this without getting friend zoned because I dont know how I'd show my intention to try to bed her. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Girl in Class

    Hey, I like the fact that you're thinking about going about this indirectly, especially when you said that she's pretty shy, that will significantly decrease the pressure, another thing that makes your situation less complicated is the fact that she's sitting next to you. The way I'd personally go about this is.. writting on a piece of paper in large capitals saying "HELP!", subtly getting her attention when the teacher is not looking holding up your sign so that she'd see it, with a playful facial expression, and while after class while packing my bag initiating a conversation, nothing serious just to build some rapport - banter and move from there.

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