So I was out yesterday evening and I had a quite interesting encounter. I was chatting this girl up who seemed very into it. And in fact she started sexually escalating before I could even break rapport or qualify. Why not, I thought.
My wing kept her female friend occupied (Thanks very much).

Then the target started blabbering on about how she is in a relationship with this friend and she is bisexual, her gf straight (yeah right!) On and on about how they live in an open relationship. Bingo! I thought! Well her friend didn't seem to like that very much. Obviously from the way she looked at me. So I tried to pull it in a direction where I could Isolate. No chance, target came closer and closer, giving me every single sign she wanted to kiss me right THERE, right at THAT moment. But the eyes of her girlfriend were glancing at me in a very bad way.

I didn't kiss her, didn't want to cause trouble. It would have. Her gf pulled her away and off was the game. (sigh) A few moments later even saw the target across the room pointing towards me, seemed like begging, discussing something (perhaps a possible threesome?) with her gf...

So guys, did you have a similar situation, or do you have any ideas on how this could have been controlled better? Any input is very welcome