I'm going to write about bad boy, representation of one and the reality of bad boy technique.

Bad boys carry a very different kind of confidence to normal confidence. Normal confidence is based on "What makes you who you are and that is my value" which for example could be to you're Salary or an achievement, something you have or have done which you recognise and draw self value from incresing you're confidence based off every point of value.

lets call that normal confidence (Light Confidence).

Bad Boy Confidence (Dark Confidence) is based off the same principle but achieved in far more primitive, tribal, respect demanding and taking, no fucks given attitude which basically you draw off you're experience and the reactions of others around you.

The Light side of things is hard (True inner game) with a lot of soul searching and patience required with no real information telling you how to achieve it accept a few dynasty's ago written quotes that are broad as fuck and have been said so many times it's like white noise for us.

The Darker Side (Bad Boy) is opposite as it's confidence from within (inner game) but instead of foul searching, it's (outer game) reaction and experience that gives you that confidence.

Bad boy was the only game I had starting out. Not because I'm "Soo cool" but simply because as a kid (curiosity) outweighed my (fear of unknown or future) and basically having a single parent raise 3 kids and try cover a mortgage while other parent was claiming child support for kids they didn't have, my one teacher to ask was very busy working trying to keep a roof over our heads (God Bless You).

So asking Questions wasn't an option for me, I took a different path were I got in a habit of finding out myself. Now I don't know if I had reached the peak of finding every I needed to with what resources I had about things in a general kids life or just found normal kids stuff boring.

Basically Switching to Hyperthetical Mode:

What I have come to understand in life is Once you have done anything, you have robbed that action forever within yourself (if when preforming the act, it goes well for the person doing it) of fear, worry and excitement either gradually or instantally.

just like a scouts badge, you're confidence has earned the badge of stealing this, over powering that or them or him, winning this, selling that, taking etc.

For example (fiction):

If some one finds people, abducts them, makes them pay there money back to a guy who they robbed and is too scared or just not that type of guy to get it himself just as a source of income, if you are not equal or above this, you have nothing.

A guy who can walk into a club and the first thing he thinks to himself is "I can beat up every guy in this room" and he knows that and believes that with zero doubt. He has in split second within himself and reflected by his confidence just Alpha males ever Alpha male in there.

See were I'm from, if you have that kind of confidence and someone is insecure or threatened by you're presence sometimes they'll try size you up (measure dicks) it's basically a interagation process to see who is the biggest dog in the yard or as I said before one guy trying to see who's got the biggest dick.

So you got this one guy (insecure) bragging about how bad he is and sharing stories to you or the group basically compensating in words for what he lacks in confidence.

Then you have this other guy with no reaction on his face listening inflatable human puff him self up and he's thinking in his head (I hope this guy doesn't work as a sales man cause he's shit.

See like inner game (Ultimate Value) and any good product, they sell themselves, only a shit product requires convincing to the consumer to buy it. Good things Sell themselves, and real recognise real.

When you have achieved inner game, you're persona, attitude, body language, vibe and you're actions do all the talking for you. Same rule applies to Bad boy it's just Bad Boy Confidence is drawn by experience based Confidence, I am confident doing this because I've done it, I'm not threatened because nobody here is threatening to me, I've survived this, been through that, created this, done that, took this, I know I'm equiped handle things far exceeding my environment and it's experience.

^^^^ that is even a thought, when you know yourself like this, that is just a feeling, confidence the second you walk in a room. All your experience and confidence compresses into about 2 seconds of feeling that says "I fucking own this room".

At that point your walking around club or anywhere like it's you're own scar face mansion, the bar is your bar, the seats are you're seats, this space is mine, all these people will move for me like Moses splitting the sea, she's hot,she's mine, Give me you're number. He wants to stare, we'll see how quickly I can taint his soul with fear just using my eyes.

Bad Boy Confidence is like he may have experienced all the good things in life but he can survive the worse.

unfortuently for you people trying to pull off Bad Boy technique without actually being a bad boy, it will only work if a real bad boy isn't present, and that's the bad news. Good news for us bad boys, when some one try's to be a bad boy in room and we're present, he is like free advertisement for us, only raising our value by showing his desperate bragging while we're calm and collected.

This why everybody should focus on there own inner game and what you have achieved, survived, who you are, what you stand for, why that makes you a good person, what you bring to the table because once you know it in yourself is forever apart of you, not a act you put on practising how to walk with confidence, body language, alpha male and all the techniques. Your body and attitude will do that all automatically when you recognise your own value and stop comparing yourself to others.

Confidence is not handed to you by some fairy with magical wsnd selecting who worth of it or not. Like a blacksmith, you craft it and polish it yourself. Through Self evaluation, small improvements, patience and pushing the limits bit by bit. Stop acting and start being.

I wasnt 100% successful in direct game 4 years ago, my day game started at walking and if I found a girl attractive I would just make eye contact and smile, when that got easy and felt like no challenge at all I moved to making eye contact and smiling and saying "Hi" and then keep walking. Then I added introducing myself (break the ice), then establish intention, then Number Close, and refined it until I perfected it and now it's like 3 sentences.

Hi, I'm Tyrone1991, what's your name? (Smile (non threatning) & shake hand (formal/non sexual/Kino Escalation)

blah blah

look blah blah, I think you look amazing (intention established), no seriously you look fucking gorgeous (said with passion, swear word adds depth or genuine to statements) (she went from mind her own bussiness to hearing this guy genuinely find her amazing so she is in a state of shock and flattery, not knowing what to say she's usually responds with:

"Thank you"

Give me you're number. (Literally shove my phone in there hand, I swivel so I'm side by side shoulder to arms pressing for kino and she'll lean her weight slightly on mine to show me how she is saving her number in my phone, which is her mirroring and also I'm demanding her number like its mine and she hasn't got an option, I'm not asking for it. which is Alpha) but I crafted this from a smile to a 3 sentence rapid non contemplating but only reacting to how I guide the situation Number close technique. That at big enough events to have enough people to created separation from each number close and enough girls I find worth pursuing can get me 5-10 HB10 numbers in under 20minutes depending on how slutty I feel and motivated I am to be this slut lol.