Hey guys, I need your help,
so yesterday I went to a bar with my friend. I noticed 2 beautiful mexican ladies(later I found out that they were sisters) and let my buddy know that I'm gonna approach them. So I approached them and started talking to them, everything was going pretty well, then my friend joined us. He was trying to talk to one sister, and I was talking to the other one. Everything generally was going well, although I felt like the other sister is not interested in my friend. And she was trying to jump into my conversation with her sister. Anyway my girl(lets call her like that) added me on snapchat and we shared our numbers, (she put even her last name in my phone ). So anyway before we said goodbye to each other, I said something like I would really love to see her again, I would really want to take her out to some place and blahblahblah. And I said Im not playing, I would really want to know her more.
Then I was standing in front of restroom waiting for my friend and they were passing by, I kinda started talking to her again and we hugged each other. Then we said goodbye and were about to leave.
Then me and my friend got out of the bar and we were walking while suddenly I noticed those 2 girls walking and some african-american dude trying to hit on them. So I rushed to them trying to show that they are with me and was hugging her. Exact dialogue:
Dude: *asking something like you know them*
Me: -Yeah, she is with me
She: -He is with me *almost at the same time*
Dude:-What do you mean "with you"? Thats not a kind of response I expect
Me: -What kind of response you expect?? *in an angry way*
The girl: We're dating
Me: We're dating *right after she said*

And then he was like "oh, okay sorry bro, I got it wrong blahblah" anyway he left. And me, my friend, and those 2 girls were walking holding hands to the parking lot trying to find their car. Anyway we got in the car, my girl asked where I live and I answered, guess what? her sister lives right by the building I live! and my girl was gonna stay at her sister's place because she lives very far from the town, but on weekends she comes to hangout with her sister. So anyway we were walking and talking, and I had pretty good conversation with my girl, and I said again I would want to take her out sometime. And we started talking about what kind of food we like, where she would like to go on our first date. So anyway we reached parking lot, we got in a car, we reached home, my friend got out of the car with his girl, but again I noticed that they were not even holding hands, she was not really interested. But my girl waited until they went away, we started making out leaning on the car trunk and her sister called us to come over. Anyway we sitted by the apartment on the bench, talked like for 15 mins and then we went to our apartments, I mean separately.
I'm not bragging or anything, but I feel like my girl was really interested in me, she wasnt very drunk, she was the one who was driving the car, everything was pretty good, but the fact that her sister was kind of feeling annoyed by my friend, made her sister to be protective about my girl, she even said something like "be easy" or "take it easy" to me and her sister, while we were hugging and making out. I think she meant like stop taking it too fast, try to behave and stuff.
Anyway, she sent me a snap like an hour later when I reached home, saying good night with her picture. The next day in the morning she sent me a picture taken by her sisters friend yesterday at the bar, I was accidentally captured on that picture It was before I approached them. I said something like "lol who took it and stuff" and then I also said I was serious yesterday when I said that I would love to take her out some day, hopefully next weekend, if she doesnt mind, and I said no rush, no pressure, take your time and let me know. She said that she will, and she also said that she will be in the town the next weekend as well. And I replied saying great, and I also said something like "dont hesitate to snap/text/call me whenever you want, we can talk about whatever you want, I want to know you more". Later I send her short message asking if she safely got back home(which is in the other town, 3 hrs of driving), She replied very late, like 3-4 hrs later saying that no, she's waiting for her mom, because she's also gonna come over and they will leave together. And I replied saying "thats nice, how is yr day going so far". She didnt reply.
Then, briefly speaking, we talked shortly on snapchat, I figured out that she is leaving tomorrow, I ask what time she leaves and if I can see her off tomorrow, she said yes, but she also she's not sure what she will be up and ask me what time I'm up. Anyway she said she will let me know. Not sure if she is rejecting me or she is telling the truth, I'll figure that out tomorrow.

So, that's the end of the story

Now, tell me whatever you think, more important, tell me what to do to win her I personally feel like she was interested, but I'm not sure what her sister told her, I feel like she's trying to make her sister change her mind. Meanwhile, my friend texted to his girl, something very short saying "it was nice to meet you and stuff" but she didnt reply.

P.S. One thing that I was also feeling about insecure is my pimple between my cheek and nose, it's not even pimple, it was not that bad, but it definitely was noticeable, I dont usually have it, but I was concerned that she might have thought that it's some kind of mole. But I put some tonal creme, I hope it was not that bad, but I'm not sure. In any she was still pretty interested, she was the one who initiated making out.

P.P.S I'm really sorry for too many punctuation and grammar mistakes