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    Default How To Make Her Confess Her 'Sexual Secrets'

    Hey guys I wish I could claim credit for this but it's actually from Johnny Russo a.k.a. Mond via Mack Tactics but I thought it was worth sharing. (Get on the Mack Tactics mailout list)

    Women have a lot of secrets. Her life is like her purse - stuffed full of secrets, and getting bigger every year.

    The problem is that when you meet a woman, you don't know what any of them are. And after you know her for a little while, she eventually lets a few slip. But don't you wish you could have found them out earlier?

    Like the time she blew that guy out on the dance floor...

    Or that time she was married for a weekend when she was in Vegas...

    Or that football team gang-bang she had...?
    It would save you a whole bunch of frustration if you could just find a way to get her to reveal some of these deep dark secrets at the get-go. Right at the very start.

    Not to mention that if you get a woman to reveal dark secrets about herself, you make it easier to take her home and sleep with her.

    Well, what I'm going to do today is teach you a technique that I found to get women to tell their deepest, darkest, most farked-up secrets right away. Just remember, though: If you go down this path, you're going to learn more about the nasty side of women than you may want to know...

    Don't say I didn't warn you!

    The good side effect of this technique is that it will also show you how to seduce a woman, because once a woman has opened up and revealed herself to you, she's yours for the taking.

    So now I'm going to show you how to seduce a woman into telling you her secrets...

    How To Seduce A Woman Technique 1: Get her to tell you a childhood secret.

    This is where it all begins. By getting her to invest a little with you by telling you this, she's going to start opening up more to you.

    Start small. I usually ask her: "So I bet you were a real 'nice girl' when you were growing up. I bet you never got into trouble."

    Then she's going to smile and laugh, and say something like, "Yeah, right!"

    Then you challenge her again, and tell her: "Oh, really? What, like you made a prank phone call? I don't know... Tell me what you did that was so 'bad.'"

    That will push her into revealing something about herself to you.

    How To Seduce A Woman Technique 2: Get her to tell you about her wildest night out with her girlfriends - and something wild that one of her FRIENDS did.

    This one is the "gateway drug" for a woman that gets her to let down her guard and really open up.

    You see, when a woman is out with her friends, she does things that she might not normally do. Not freaky in a sexual way, but just wild because her girlfriend's behavior gets her to act more like the group than herself. It's the mob mentality.

    What you're doing is getting her to start thinking about those wild times, even if she doesn't tell you about all of them. In fact, she will probably hold back on 90% of the crazy sh1t she did on those wild nights.

    But what's easier for her to reveal is something one of her friends did on one of those crazy nights. Hey, it's not HER, after all, and it's easier to talk about someone else's wild sh1t.

    The key to this step is - don't be judgmental! Don't make any comments that make it seem like you're judging her friend negatively, or against that kind of behavior. Tell her that's all cool, and you wish you'd been there to see it yourself.

    How To Seduce A Woman Technique 3: Reveal a dark secret of your own.

    This is really key.

    A woman has a radar that tells her when she's "clicking" with someone. And one of the biggest parts of that is when she senses that she's getting as much from you as she's giving. This enables a sense of connection from her.

    So what you have to do is to think ahead and plan out what you will give up as your sacrificial lamb - your dirty secret.

    What I usually tell women about is the time I was playing with my cute cousin, when we were just getting to be around 5 or 6 years old. We were pretending we were a married couple and we would go off to work, and kiss each other goodbye. Hey, we didn't know any better, we were just kids. But it was kinda wrong, but still fun at the same time.

    Now most women like that story because they've encountered some guy that they would like to have had but couldn't because of some taboo (typically he was married.)

    I suggest the story be absolutely true, because bullsh1t won't work here. She'll figure it out in a heartbeat, and you'll actually hurt yourself in the trust area.

    You have to have a lot of detail in your story, too. That will make it more convincing, and it will draw her in like bees to honey.

    How To Seduce A Woman Technique 4: Get her to reveal her "dark little secret."

    After you've told her your story, this is the perfect time to spring this on her.

    You see, there's this little psychological principle called the "reciprocity" rule. It means that if you do something for someone, they feel compelled to do something for you to return the favor. To not do anything would leave an outstanding debt on them that they don't want. (This is also why most people refuse the most basic of favors from you - especially strangers. You can't do nice things for people because they'll feel indebted to you.)

    But this works for you because now she will want to reveal something to you to "pay back" this debt of trust.

    The key here is to make sure she's really giving you a good "dark secret" in exchange. Some women come up with some really lame sh1t, like they shoplifted a pack of gum. If she does this, you can't accept it. You have to call her on it by saying, "Oh, now come on... I gave you something really good there, and that's the best you can come up with? You must be some kind of innocent girl that's never even kissed a guy before."

    You tease her into going further and telling you more.

    Now you see what we've done here?

    We've moved her along the trust line from mild disclosure (small secrets) to the big muthafarkas (DARK secrets.)

    Oh, something really important here: If she does finally tell you something dark, you do NOT make fun of her. She went out on a limb by revealing this to you, so you need to make sure you don't violate her trust by making her feel like a fool for doing that. When she's done, buy her a drink to reward her. Then do what you did before for her friend and express nothing but approval.

    Then take her home and bang her the rest of the night... Because now she'll want to act consistently with this new "bad girl" image you've helped her create.

    It works. For the guys that use it...

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: How To Make Her Confess Her 'Sexual Secrets'

    Thanks a lot for this! I will keep it in mind. I have a question though. When a girl does tell you about that football team gang bang, or the time she had sex with her 60 year old boss, how do you maintain composure? I mean, when I hear things like that from girls, I am disturbed easily. I have my own tales of debauchery, but for some reason, when I hear them from a girl, it bothers me. For example, I've seen plenty of boobies. But, one time I met this girl who told me she showed hers to some other guy like mere weeks ago (she wound up being my gf for awhile after), and it bothered me and my mood soured right away. That's just a small example, when it gets to the big things, I get really turned off. How do you deal with processing her "dark secrets?"

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: How To Make Her Confess Her 'Sexual Secrets'

    And the trick posted somewhere else in this forum about that drinking game where you say something and whoever has it true about them drinks might also work. At least you already know some things without needing to be alone with your target.

    Unfortunately, she might end up really drunk too.


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