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Thread: CaN't F-close

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default CaN't F-close

    where i need help in is fclosing, i have good enough game to pull number's, i run solid text game and hangout with the chicks i can even get them in bed but i just cant fclose. i get to the stage where we kiss and make out like im going to fclose but somehow i turn into an AFC.

    example: been hanging out with this chick for about 3 weeks we have spent 5 night together we make out i try to spark fire bye kissing the neck belly inter legs then i try to rub the p**S trying to get her wet i get the ioi's but then i get a sh!t test from her how she doesnt want to be a number and shut down my hole game. i feel like when i get a sh!t test that when i turn into an afc

    now i can pull randoms and have no problem fclosing becouse i dont care about these girls, i cant fclose on the girls that i actual like idk what my deal is please help

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    i think i have figured it out bill sent me this

    The Top 10 Idiotic Mistakes That Are Keeping Hot Willing Women Out Of Your Bed

    im messing up on:

    Mistake 4
    Not Flirting & Escalating The Sexual Tension.

    Mistake 9
    Focusing On Just One her has sabotage all other aspects of my game.

    NOW HOW TO FIX #4???????????

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    how do i let her know that im dating other hbs i was going to send her a text this is what i got or should i just tell her over the phone


    Hey since we are just casually dating want to be upfront with you not dishonestly or deceiving but I have a date Friday

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    Oh, maybe you can also be the first to withdraw next time... or say some sh!t like you don't want her to do anything she doesn't want to do 'coz you respect her. Then get her really bothered and withdraw. When she hesitates, withdraw.

    Some girls like being convinced. Some girls like knowing what they're missing. Haha.

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    this need some crob response

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    tcomea2 is offline PUA Forums VIP Member
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    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    LOL I bet I can imagine what crob is going to say. Lets see if im right.
    This is a perfect Freeze Out time. I mean hard. Shut it down. Say I understand, then get up and turn on the lights turn on the tv something, Act like you are ok without getting any. This is old school PUA stuff here dude. Mystery is the king of LMR and has written tons about it. Basically the idea is when you pull away she will wonder why and try to reengage with you. When she does escalate a little past where you were before. Then if she pulls away do it again. Wash rinse repeat. Its simple just takes a lot of self control and patience. DO NOT be the normal guy telling her “oh baby don’t worry you aren’t” she has heard this before. Be different. Be a man and show your control. (As a side note never push a woman past where she wants to be at. If she say no, it means no…. sorry but someone might read it the wrong way if I don’t say it…)
    There is absolutely something to be said about sexual escalation before you get to that point. This is why Kino is so damn important! It has to be a slow steady increase, not a slam on the accelerator. Start with touching her hand then move to her back, then her neck. Then play the questions game and ask her favorite place to be kissed. Then touch there. Then kiss there. Then kiss her. Hold eye contact make her feel wanted. But at the same time show you are in control and can wait. And so on and so on. I know you know this but I would suggest going back and looking at the interaction leading to that point and see how much kino you worked. If not much, increase it and see what happens.

    Hope this helps. And no worries we have all been there.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    Not sure how much she likes you and if that's even a factor (I mean, once, I refused to kiss a guy at first meeting because I really liked him and didn't want to start anything with a kiss). Seems to me she's more concerned about being played so maybe, you can Kino a lot but never initiate.

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    she text me on tuesday i ran my textgame and then froze her out ingoren a call straight Freeze Out she sent me a text on thursday night

    her -Do you mind if i come spend the weekend with you agian

    my response -yea ill be here just hit me up

    her - is it ok if i bring my friend too she just turn 21

    me - thats cool

    her - see you tomorrow

    now how do i f-close her we are going to the club she is sleeping in my bed i need to man up

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    LiOnHeArT is offline PUA in Training
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    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    I may be a little inexperienced with this type of situation but it sounds like one where it may be fun to game her friend a little and let some jealousy rise...jealousy is of course the best of emotions we can trigger in our arsenal especially if you need to freeze her out but overall have fun with both of them... she is obviously bringing the friend as a bit of a safety blanket in-case things don't go well between you two or for approval...sounds like a win the friend win the girl situation

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: CaN't F-close

    Yeah. Keep complimenting the friend or say, three compliments to the friend and only one for her. You don't wanna alienate her completely right?

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