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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Talking Seductively

    I've been reading that one should be talking seductively to a girl but how exactly do you accomplish this? What topics should you raise? And do you have to, like, do it in a low voice?

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    Default Re: Talking Seductively

    talk to her with sexual intent without over doing it,eye contact and pauses creates sexual Tension for example " Ive always wanted to explore a dark....wet...cave.. . it excites the way are you adventurous?" you can also invade her space, but do this slowly dont rush into it or she'll back off, hope this helps

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: Talking Seductively

    Use descriptives that will appeal to her senses. And talk about good stuff, no downers or anything like your bad grades or the economy.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Talking Seductively

    Lead the conversation so that you'll end up sharing secrets. They need not be real secrets, just things that will get you whispering in her ear. Something like, "Just between you and me but I think service here sucks."

    Then maybe you can invite her someplace else.

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