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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Signs a Girl is Getting seduced

    Unless I'm (always) lucky enough to have a girl be upfront that we can take things to the next level already, what signs should I look for that she is? How do you know your seduction is working?

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Signs a Girl is Getting seduced

    I have always thought of seduction as a breaking down of a barrier... that there has to have some sort of change of mind or behavior that happened. So first, you break down a girl's resistance and seduce her into liking you. That's fairly easy to see, since she'd be all relaxed and responsive. But, if you mean seduction as in convincing her that you guys can get physical already, just note her responses. If you get close, does she stay close? If you touch her or hold her, does she touch back? Does she let you? When you kiss her, does she kiss back and mmoan and arch her back and well... I can go on and on and on.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Signs a Girl is Getting seduced

    If we're engaged in something, we might say NO or WE SHOULD REALLY STOP but if we're still at it (as opposed to saying NO and actually not responding anymore to you, or pushing you away already), or all over you... then yeah, we're ready for the next level.

    If we're not being physical but have been flirting enough, we tend to dawdle, pout a little, seem miffed, or go quiet.

    So yeah, good luck asking 20 questions before getting us to admit that what we really want is a private room already. Lolz.

    (and shucks, I suddenly feel for the men I've dated)


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