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    Default Please help me not blow this!

    I am home for one more week until my school resumes classes. Small window. A few of my friends have told me that this girl, who is an ace, who I have known for a long time but don't see too often, has been talking about how she wants to bang me.

    We were out at a bar last night I bought her a few drinks and we chatted all night. She responded to me touching her and getting closer but not in a "I want you in my pants" kind of way - like I was kind of expecting.

    How can I make this happen? Help!

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    Default Re: Please help me not blow this!

    Get out of your own head. You know she wants you. Just be confident.

    Option 1: Ask her to come over and watch a movie, put your arm around her and cuddle, kiss her, game on.

    Option 2: If you cant at your house because you are home with your parents or w/e then go out with her again. Just be a man and escalate and then grab her hand and lead her to your car and fark her there.

    Option 3: If you cant in a car just grab her hand after some proper build up and tell her you want to get out of there and go back to her place.

    Option 4: I dont know lol anywhere else

    Same theme just don't be a wuss... she said she wants to fark you then go for it.

    Heres some tips from gamblers game mixed with other info:

    Pause when speaking because pauses are where all the sexual Tension happens.

    During the pause look at her like you want her. Even though some people disagree with kissing in a bar because it kills the tension.. whatever. you know she wants you. Do the standard look at her lips then eyes then kiss routine.

    Dont lean in. You lead with your crotch and always keep that near her. try to get leg to leg contact because its sexual. lean out with your upper body. obviously this is to the extreme you shouldnt look awkward doing it lol its just something to keep in mind.

    If its loud to talk lean towards her but hold eye contact. dont get all up in her ear. this keeps her focus on you and not behind you. speak from your chest.

    Touch her hands, touch her waist, lead her with your hand on the small of her back.

    Think of her as your partner in crime. Come up with inside jokes. Things you are on the same team for. make it FUN. not small talk.

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    Default Re: Please help me not blow this!

    if you think you are going to blow it, guess what, you are going to blow it.

    be confident and escalate.

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