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Thread: Advice welcome

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    s777 Guest

    Default Advice welcome

    Have started a post, fear its the wrong place on the forum.

    I will copy/paste it on here...

    POST 1

    Hi all from the uk!

    Right heres the crack, I am an absolute daddy at pulling women, show me a girl and odds are I can charm her and get things rolling


    I like her.....

    Which is sort of crappy lmao.

    So anyway heres the details.

    Girl - known for many many years, met online whilst away in the forces. Met her in life twice, once on my bday when she took me out, and this evening when I took her gym and showed her the ropes.

    We are from VERY different backgrounds, if I were to see her out I would avoid her, too much hard work imo, BUT having spent years being "pen pals" I guess, we know each other inside out, meaning we are close in a sence.

    Looks wise she is without doubt a 9 out of 10, again, not somebody I would usually chase as I am more into personality, but her personality is great.

    As it stands, I am keeping it real, the usual calling her by sh1tty nicknames, taking the piss out of her a lot which is going down well, the problem is she knows I am interested, and has said previously we wouldnt work.

    Having spent time together, I think we would, how do I get her to change her mind? She definately enjoys my company, but its hard to know what to do because I do actually like her and it woud bother me if she thought i was a d1ck. Wheras I know I almost need to be a d1ck to get her to like me, aggh!

    So anyway, what now, she is gonna train where I work so will see her enough and have ample time to interact, but how long do I continue with the bullsh1t before making a play, and whatd be the best way?
    I know I need to make her think she needs me, an idea how would help!


    POST 2

    Thinking about it infact, she was actually negging me a little at gym...

    I put some shorts on and she said "ooh dont I will have nightmares" (I have damn good legs haha)

    and on one thing I told her not to stare at my ass, and she replied in a similar manner.

    Having said that, I neg everybody interested or not so maybe shs just sarcastic too.

    POST 3 (today)

    So last day or two I have been replying to her texts after agggges, really making sure its a long time, keeping them short with a hint of humour.

    Had agreed to go gym together today, and when she said she wasnt doing anything after, I suggested grabbing something to eat and she agreed.

    So the day has gone well, in the restaurant I couldnt shut her up, sat and listened as intently as I could. Can make her laugh really easilly which is no easy feat considering her personality, she is a real Alpha girl!

    Now I need to know how to up this sh1t, if there really is a way of making girls like you lets hear it because whilst I think she enjoys my company, I have no idea how to take things up a notch without blowing it all.

    Doesnt help I live with friends so she cant come mine for a film or anything as they have a kid.

    Im not gonna text her for the next day or two, will leave that to her.

    What else?

    Will monitor both threads for responses!

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    Default Re: Advice welcome

    suggest something fun to do out doors or where you can escalate using Kino. something like a walk in the park or even suggest goin to a bar. then when your there act casual but do little subtle things. grab her hand and lead her somewhere, put your hand on the small of her back as you like walk in the door. little things to show your interested with out going to far.

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    s777 Guest

    Default Re: Advice welcome

    Pretty much what I have come up with then, gonna be hard cos of her job for the next few weeks, if i didnt like her itd be so much easier haha

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Advice welcome

    Maybe it's time to back off for a while? Give her a chance to miss you and give yourself a chance not to get desperate. I mean, you may be doing all things right and playing it cool, but if you think she knows just how much she's liked, then obviously you're also putting that idea across and letting her wield power over you.

    Oh, I also think she likes you since she hangs out with you and all, so maybe you could create more opportunities to be alone with her and create sexual Tension?

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    s777 Guest

    Default Re: Advice welcome

    just no idea how to create sexual Tension, usually its easy!

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Advice welcome

    You can talk about things that tickle the senses, like food (use descriptive words)

    You can get her to smell your perfume (or get her to crane her neck for you so you can smell her perfume)

    You can talk about massage... and maybe offer to massage her hand so she can tell you what you're doing wrong/right

    talk about movies and end up with Basic Instinct, Unfaithful, Monster's Ball, Cruel Intentions, Wild Things... heck, even Brokeback Mountain, haha


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