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    Default Dilemma, dilemma

    Okay, so there's this girl i've known for a long time since I see her for most of the Christmases (that a word?) of my life save for the past 2 years when her family was staying in the UK. Now they're back and are living closer to home and im bound to see them more often... in family gatherings. That's birthdays and holidays, at least.

    Now, the dilemma. I really dig her and she's sent some IOIs my way and i have her number. I just haven't decided tho on what to do.

    Sure, I wanna date her. Sure, she's gotten all interesting since I last saw her. I only hesitate because our families are really close. I feel like it's inviting future awkwardness or something.

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    Default Re: Dilemma, dilemma

    ok well yeah there might be awkwardness if you fuck up and then make it awkward. every girl that it hasnt worked out with me has still became my friend since i have joined the community. they like being around me and find me fun. so lets say u start gaming her. if it doesnt work out make sure to set a tone that doesnt pressure her or make it awkward. just keep acting the way u were and she will feel welcomed to still keep coming to family things.

    i vote game her and make sure to make it fun. and when u have a chance check out the noob txt game post that is newly up. i put up a thing on text game with some good techniques. check it out. u might get great ideas on what to text since u have her number
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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: Dilemma, dilemma

    Ok crob. I'm seeing her on some birthday thing this weekend so i better get a move on with the text game, haha.

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