Ok guys this is something that I really want to discuss:

How to overcome Purity Rings

I think it would be good to start off asking what is a "purity ring" and why do women wear them?

In my opinion a purity ring is just an out cry from a women either:
1)for an attempt to conform with society and not seem like a slut (90% of the time)
2)for attention (10% of the time)

(#1) If a girls parents, work/school acuaintances, or her church (if she's religious) make it a point that purity rings are a good thing and needed to be a good person then a girl will mostlikely conform with the ideas of the people she surounds herself with. That means that she is internalizing the notion that it is good to wear a purity ring and it makes her think that if she has a sexual relationship she will be doing something bad eventhough it's only natural. In order to fix this I think you need to question the girls knowledge. Show her that she only has a narrow view of the world and broaden her prospects. Ask her why in her opinion sex is a bad thing? Ask her how would sex have any negative reprecusions when in reality it will only bring you guys closer together? Then leave it alone and let the thoughts simmer in her head. Later on bring it up again and ask her if she figured it out. More then likely she wouldnt have but you really dont care. You can even bring up more questions so she is put in an even more uncertain state and further questioning herself. Then asert your frame and opinion. Tell her sex is just part of all natural relationships. Explain to her that its just a step into building a closer bond and to not be open about it just severs the intimate conection you share. After this if she is still questioning you all you have to do is to freeze her out. Make her feel uncomfortable about her position on an issue and she'll change it. Make her uncertain about the situation and let her turn to you for an answer. (do not missuse)

(#2) Some girls just use the rings for attention. Girls want to be special and if they dont give out as much they think they are of higher value. As long as there is no moral concept with the rings and girls are just using them to show off then it is easy to deal with them. All you have to do is critisize the ring and show her its not cool. Once you get to know her tell her "I cant believe im even talking to a girl with one of those stupid rings". If she shows it off just say "oh ur cool" and freeze her out. The rest is cake.

Tell me what u guys think.
Sorry for the spelling in advanced my spell check doesnt work.