Hi, I'm new here and I'd really appriciate if you guys could give me some good advice. Like how do I go on from here.

There was this birthday party last weekend where a good friend of mine invited me. My friend, his girlfriend and I joind the party at about 9pm in a local pub. Everyone was already there, about 12 ppl, 8 girls and 4 guys everyone about 25-30yo, I'm 25. Almost everyone in the company was Russian as it was one Russain girl's birthday. I was introduced to everyone and my friend told me that there was only one single girl in the company. She was called Irina. At about 10pm we all left for a fancy dance club. I was beginning to like this girl Svetlana who came to party without her long term boyfriend. She was a friend of Irina. First I asked Svetlana for some hand cream and talked to her for about 2-3 minutes. She was really friendly with but no IOIs. Than in the club is was talking to all the girls around and always positioned myself so that I would be surrounded with ladies, to get Svetlana's attention. I talked and danced with her friends. About half an hour later everyone was drunk and I decided to give some tests to Svetlana. I gave her the Strawberry Fields test, a few qualifications test which she all loved I went on with kinos and then she told me that she has a boyfriend for 3 years but she's really fed up with him. So I started teasing her with she beaing too much of a good girl and not being adventurous. She said she was fun and adventurous, and how cool she thought I was and how much she liked me. So I thought this was the moment for a kiss: I asked her if she wanted to kiss me but she said no! So I told her that I never said she could. Big mistake that she was not separated from her friends enough. I went on with false disqualifiers and she was just more and more turned on. From that on she wanted to kiss me a few times but I just didn't let her. I told her that she was too much of a good girl for that (note that I was pretty drunk by then, so was she). We were dancing as one and kept talking to each other so that our lips touched a lot, but no kiss. She even kept grabbing my ass. At about 2am everyone was leaving the club and about the 6 of us were waiting for taxies on the street. I said goodbye I asked Svetlana for her phone number but she said that she didn't want to give me that becasue of her boyfriend and she asked me to add her on facebook instead so that we could chat there.

I wrote her on facebook a day later that I'm going out shopping to the mall close to her workplace one afternoon and she could join me and help me to pick a present for a friend of mine. I also added that she can only come if she's not "too much of a good girl for that". 2 days passed, no reply. Now she wrote on her facebook wall that she's going to Thainald with her boyfriend this weekend for holiday and she's really looking for it.

I know I messed this up. And now today a friend told me that Svetlana's boyfriend was out of town for several days and she didn't even go home that night (it was too far away), so she went over to sleep at Irina's place insted.

I know I should have separated her, go for a kiss and do an f-close that night in the nearest hotel.... I was so stupid. What else did I do wrong? And what can I do now??? How can I make her want me? She ignored my message... Please help me.