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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    Seriously, addicted.

    Had a thought about how to handle the doesn't pull away / doesn't lean in situation followed by some I don't want to regret sh1t. Perfect thing to have said/done (it seems) would have been to not pull away at all, but say good thing I just want to kiss you and right back in you go. Still no, I like what someone said about grabbing her in a bear hug (back to funny) and force a kiss on her check or forehead with 'see, I got what I wanted' or something. Keeps the physical escalation going, keeps it funny and light without awkwardness creeping in.

    Also guys, learn to kiss, don't go shoving your tongue in her throat yet. I like thinking of it as two girls kissing and that was golden before I got married. Makes it sensual and exciting, leaves her wanting more. Women LOVE sensuality, so be soft and creative, great way to escalate too as you can slide right off the mouth and head across the checks and down the neck. She's picturing you keep kissing lower at that point and trust me her hair will be on end if you do it right.

    Anybodies thought's on the whole kiss then pull away thing, but how do you know when to stop teasing and claim the reward. I haven't been reading anything about moving from making out to escalating to real sexual contact, so any help there would be great!
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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    Well, it keeps getting better and better, and success is just around the corner

    Canadian chicks so happen to be hanging out in the lawn area, so I ask them how kayaking was as I pass, she says rough that they should have gone in the morning. I say without missing a beat, "don't you like it rough". Big giggles, blushying, hand to hair, big smile and head down. She's thinking about fucking me now and that's what I'm going for. I stop abruptly talking to them and go inside to get water.

    When I come out, I just start walking straight towards them like we came here together. The cuter one says come join us, I say I wasn't asking and flop down. It was fucking magical, a real thing of beauty to me. Chick was eating out of my fucking hand. Showing me pictures, all kinds of Kino looking at them for a minute, then I totally shut her down mid-sentance and tell her I can't see them cause of the glare (I couldn't) and push the camera back at her and tell her she'll have to show me later. My boat comes about 30 minutes later and I leave with their room number and her saying she'll knock on my door later. Who-fucking-ray. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a dick or a jerk, I was doing big time comfort stuff, just total nonchelant, but I was cracking them up, making inuedo, then leaving them hang-ing for a few.

    So I've read all these things about being the man, and was having a hard time with it until I found out the secret for me. The ONLY thing I need to do, which is EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK I WANT TO DO. That's total cake for me, I've always been that way in every area of my life, except around women. I had this 'godess' complex and that I had to behave and be kind and gentle and all that. Fine for your mom and sisters, but not how you get laid. Get completely comfortable with doing what ever the fuck you want around women and they are going to swam to you. A big key though, is that you are NOT ATTACHED, not ever. If you WANT to be attached, then fine, but you aren't going to get there being a pussy.

    You think you just have to try harder to be nice, but you are digging your way out of hole, ie you can't. It's counter-intuiative. You really like her, show it wide openly, wide, wide openly, but have zero attachment, above all keep playing. The more girls you surround yourself with the easier and easier it gets. They see you interacting, big time social proof, but more importantly, it makes you not give a fuck about any one of them specifically, which makes them want you and chase you.

    So, that's what I've learned today, but it doesn't end there. I go over to a bigger village to look at a rental and am supposed to meet up with Seattle chick from yesterday (excellent first interaction complete friend zone second). I told her last night as she was leaving on the boat that I'd email her so she'd have my address and we agreed to meet at 3p at her school (ps, I'm also getting a bag, and all 3 chicks smoke are are hard-up, whohahahaha). Instead, I completely detach. I don't email her all night, and not til 1p the next day, in which I told her I didn't remember the school name and would just look for her, real dry like, no mention of the previous date or 'it was so great' bullshit. Straight up facts about what IIIII was doing. She emails back at 1:45 and I'm already I don't really look. I go and have a fantastic time meeting this extremely intersting guy. Don't look for her on the way back.

    When I get back, I say sorry I missed you, didn't get the email in time. I found a great place though (in a freakin convienat store) and tell her where it is. Tell her to 'keep in touch' and sign my name. You WILL be tamed or you WILL move on.... HA, love it love it love. Bet you a million bucks she emails in a couple days.

    So, I'm sitting her at 7:15 wonder which will be the first knock on the door. If it's Australian, then up to the bar, where I'm going to tell her I ran into 'some friends' (they are, now). She's a veggie health-nut, so if the Canadians come down, I'm going to tell her we are going to go smoke. It will either driver her off (very likely) or make for an even more instersting If the Canadians come down first (whom I'm vastly more intersted in) then I'm going to tell them I had already made a date, but am bailing to hang with them instead, but we need to go back to their place so I can avoid the Australian for a couple hours. Hang, drink, smoke, and laugh. Hoping they are lesbians, but the rejected one was pretty pissy, so I don't think so. Perfect seperation for the cute one after a bit, back to my place to see something or whatever.

    Just really hoping that there is at least ONE knock on the It's only 7:30, but I've been flaked on hard before. Really hope they don't come at the same time, hahaha, but would be kinda fun to see. Let 'em battle it out. I think I'm golden with both though, so not overly worried. Aussie was going to dinner at the hostel, which gets over at about 8, so 8:30-ish for her. HOping the others come earlier. Think I might barge in on the Candians if they don't come by 8-ish.

    Fuckin love this stuff. Get off your ass guys and claim it.

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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    9:00p Fuck, fuck, fuck. What the fuck???

    I'm obviously having a hard time preventing the almighty flake. Do I have to get five girls say they'll on my door get one them to actually do it?

    Lots of potential excuses for Aussie. Was real light interaction, but was definitely into it when I blatantly commanded her to come to dinner. She played a bit hard to get, but offered herself up for happy hour. Anyway, she might be new and not realized she shouldn't walk on the path at night, it's also raining, and I also told her I would be here all day and wasn't, didn't get back til 6, which is when I found out happy hour ended, so might have missed her, and blah blah blah.

    The Canadians are a much bigger mystery though. If nothing else, they were scraping for smoke and I was going to get some. Besides, that chick was totally into me. My only thought on that one is that they are waiting me out since they gave me their room number, maybe they will still come if I never show up, decided 100% against going there and knocking, far too weak (right?). Maybe the friend got jealous or left out and bitched about being alone or something.

    So thinking 9:30 is about the time I say fuck it, forget about it (bring on tomorrow) and watch a movie.

    But enough about possible bullshit explanations like that. Maybe this and maybe that, but I can't control that. What I can control is taking preemptive measures DURING the first interaction, I just don't know what those techniques are, haven't read that far yet.

    I remember seeing somewhere about even escalating harder, ie the infamous kiss-close or something. I'm really not a fan of that one in a whole lot of situations, ie either the Aussie in a 10 minute little interaction, or one girl in front of her friend. Do I have too?

    This stuff has been really easy once I just grew a pain and did it, but that seems really far to me still. It's hard too, because this is a very, very, very small community, ie about 25 local expats or such and I'm going to be here for months, so interactions around here that turn disastrous could be very damaging.

    Think I'll go to another village for a couple nights if I have to so I can escape if need be. No excuses guys, if you have a real problem freakin solve it. Accept no limitations and there won't be any. Come up with a strategy if you have a problem. Go somewhere you are anonymous and completely let go (just don't be a creep).

    So, off to read up The Canadians have about 20 minutes before they are going to have to find someone else to make them cum 7

    Above all in my journey, never fucking get attached. Shit will happen, and you absolutely cannot let it fuck up your inner game. It sucks, no doubt, but it's part of the game and you can't win every time (can you?) Those chicks totally missed out on what the next ones are going to get. Fuck em, but they can still come, I stay up late. Fuckin rain, got to be a part of it, but I don't like excuses.

    See ya next time. FYI, if anyone is actually READING all this, PLEASE jump in. Any and all advice is more than welcome. Going to put together my own video I The 1-hour, grow a pair and get laid, smash sensation. Probably need to actually get laid first though

    Don't worry, they are going to start going down one by one real soon.

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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    First article I found was excellent, Some of it was a bit cheesy to me, and some didn't apply to my situation (girls are here on average 2 days, no waiting game, etc involved.

    There was definitely some good takeaways for me though, I see two big things right away that I messed up with the Canadians (Aussie a different story) and definitely what I'm going to work on improving next...

    1) Don't ignore her friends! This makes total sense, but I didn't see it before, exp when they are staying in the same freakin hotel room. I was thinking I was being real clear about which I liked, and I'm sure I, but I never won the friend over. The friend didn't get any attention, or comfort, and Kino, or anything from me.

    The only thing she got from me was making her feel bad that I picked the other one, and that I was trying to Take Away her friend on their vacation. That can't be good. So they go back to their room and the friend starts in with logical warnings (you don't even know this guy and we are in remote Central America. The target then has time to start questioning things and then the friend pushes the right button to get her to cancel, and thus gets revenge on me for ignoring her and gets to hang out with her friend that night.

    Not sure that happened in this case, but definitely a possibility.

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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    Update: Canadian girls wigged out the first night because they wasn't sure the deal with my place was, it looks like a metal shack from outside and I had just pointed to it before. I believe them though because they came by the next day. Hung out for a bit, had just woken up so was a bit slow. They had just came back from a boat tour, so they went to shower and eat dinner and said they'd come back later.

    They did, we smoked and drunk and put our iPods on shuffle and made fun of each other. Started talking about astrology at some point and the one I liked starts going on about how she's a Taurus and how faithful they are and how she loves that about her 9-year relationship and blah blah blah.

    I stop her right the fuck in her tracks and call her out on how hard she was flirting the other day. My guess is that she just liked the attention or maybe making the whole thing up. Seemed pretty clear it was done though. Was about that time I started noticing how much better the quieter one was looking anyway, but figured it was too late to jump ship and decided to just let it go and enjoy hanging out and work on being funny, pushed the envelopes real hard to see what kinda reactions I got. Definitely worked out some story-telling details to get better laughs out of my a couple key stories.

    They finally got tired and left, said they may come down tomorrow and hang out. Decided to practice the whole specific next interaction thing anyway and told them I wanted to know exactly when they were coming back tomorrow. She said she wasn't 100% and so I told her it was 0% then and said No surprisingly, they didn't show up again (gone now) which was really fine with me.

    Since then though. Absolutely nothing. Money is getting tight as I haven't worked for months, so I can't go up to dinner every night and there has been NOBODY walking around. Not even any targets when I go up to dinner except a straggler or two who have already swarmed by the staff guys up there, who are definitely pros. Going to have to figure out how to beat them at their own game, but kinda hard when they are there all day with the guests. Maybe I should stay up there next month (or move somewhere more populous).

    Alright, got a shit-load of work to do, so focusing on that right now and just see what happens. I'm so ready just to get laid, but not desperate so it will work out just fine.

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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    Update. Still nothing shaking around here, except I've started to notice very suddenly how hot the hotel owner next door is. She's a little older than me (40-ish) but I've always see her in work clothes. She can walking by today when I was out on the deck and a killer white flowy hippy dress and fuck-me boots. Rah!!!! I'm not pursuing it though as she's one of about 5 people that live nearby. Definitely open to things though.

    But, went over to a different village today to get cash and food. Saw a sexy latina talking to someone in English (very rare) and stopped to ask directions to the big store (I knew exacty where it was). Flirted for a minute, put my hand on her back and left it there for a few seconds. She tells me she's lived here for 8 months from Puerto Rico, big bonus, but seeing someone across the lake is rife with problems, mainly that the boats stop running at 6-ish.

    Mostly just having a little fun flirting, but then when I tell her where I am, she lights up and says she's been thinking of staying here for a couple weeks, is good friends with the owner of the hostel here, and is a yoga instructor (big points for me).

    I TELL her (a big point noobs) to give me her email address and maybe we'd hang out if she came over. She ends up writing 2 email addresses and her phone number and walks me up to the store. She starts to walk away and I pull her in for a hug instead, let it linger for a second.

    Not sure how to play it from here and no one seems to chime in on my post / journal, so maybe I'll start a new post to get some thoughts.

    Fingers crossed yet again.

    PS: Fuckin 20 yo dude at the hostel told me today he scored the super sexy french chick from the party. OMG she was hot. Told me the same things the PUA guys do, not to be too interested. Still struggling to understand this how showing interest while not showing interest thing, but getting it a little more and more.

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    freespiritgemi Guest

    Default Re: Help a noob out...

    Yes! If you've been following along (and I know you probably aren't) this all started with my first real encounter since embarking on this journey, a cutesy Seattle girl. Things we really well (for me, for now) the first night at a party, everything went really well, until we can back here and I mucked it up. Hung out the next day and was definitely not at my best, definite friends zone and I couldn't break out.

    So I detached, froze-out, told her I'd see her around, no lets hang out or glad to meet you or any of that, told her best of luck, etc, ie you have to fight now, not me.

    And.... 3 days later or so I get an email asking what I'm doing tomorrow and if I want to hang out in a different village she's visiting. Boo-yay. Still detached, but nice seeing that this is a viable friend-breaker strategy. I'm sure it won't work all the time, but it can work if you do it right.

    Now I got hot Puerto Rican girl and her in the wings, so definitely going to play them off each other. FYI, the Puerto Rican girl, I'm not 100% sure, but am thinking of an email like...

    Subject: Sexy Puerto Rican Girl
    Email: Glad I met you. When you going to come hang out?

    That's it. I tell her she's sexy but hopefully not creepy or overdoing it, makes it sound like she's just one of many, shows interest but that I'm not going to fuck around. Either come and hang out or go away. Definite power position it seems.

    Will keep myself and any stragglers who might be reading all this informed!

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