What's up felas,

To make it short and sweet. My usual aproach to women is the cocky/funny way well it works for me about 95% of the time. BUT! ...... Recently we got a new girl at the bar i bouce at and well she's the type that everyone is on her shit there. Every bouncer every bartender she's prolly the prettiests female there at the moment and get a LOT of attention. Here is my problem; I dont usually have a problem with this too much but this girl keeps a good game. My approach to her is i'll throw her a little conversation and than take her down a little so she doesnt think that i think she's the shit like the rest of the people that work there..
For example:

It was me and my boss in the back I just came to work and we're talking she walks in and he goes "Isn't she the hottest girl u've ever seen?" I look her up and down "She's allright" and walk away lol (shoulda seen her face) etc etc....... stuff like that lol. I talk to her but keep it short and sweet with some funny quips now and than.

I also use her roommate as bait lol Every time I go up to her and talk to her this girl appears out of nowhere and does something to get my attention...... with the result of me ignoring her lol.

She doesnít rly approach me but i catch her looking every now and than. With the usual "you caught me smile".
The biggest problems I have is that I always go for the girl that EVERYONE wants with about a 85% success rate. Love the challenge but this girl keeps her game good and doesnít let me know much at all.

Any advice, feedback or criticism would be appreciated fellas thanks. I tried to keep it as short as I could if u want some info just ask.

p.s. She also is the 1st one to go home when her and he friends party she doesnít get on the bar when all her friends get up, she doesnít let guys hit on her too much, always walking away fro them. Could she have a bf since she goes home 1st all the time while her roommates stay and party? I usually donít ask b/c I donít care. Imo if i know she has a bf it makes me look like more of a dick if she has one and doesnít tell me than the way i see it, its on her and I make out safe lol.