Hey guys,

You can follow my whole adventure with this stuff at http://www.puaforums.com/how-seduce-...-noob-out.html, but no one answers my questions probably due to the fact that I'm writing pages...lol.

Anyway, help! In remote Central America now, very little action in my village, but making good progress. Went to the main village today (requires a boat) to get food/cash.

Saw a sexy latina talking to someone in English (very rare) and stopped to ask directions to the big store (I knew exacty where it was). Flirted for a minute, put my hand on her back and left it there for a few seconds, giggling and such. She tells me she's lived here for 8 months and isn't leaving soon, big bonus as I'm here for quite awhile too, most girls are gone in 2 days. But trying to hook-up with someone across the lake is rife with problems, mainly that the boats stop running at 6-ish.

Mostly just having a little fun flirting, but then when I tell her where I am staing, she lights up and says she's been thinking of staying here for a couple weeks, is good friends with the owner of the hostel here, and is a yoga instructor (big points for me).

I tell her to give me her email address and maybe we'd hang out if she came over. She ends up writing 2 email addresses and her phone number and walks me up to the store. I pull her in for a hug, let it linger for a second when we say goodbye.

Not sure how to play this from here, but been my only opportunity in days (nobody here during the week) and a sexy Puerto Rican would be just fine.

The ball is defintely in my court, but I don't want to rush it or whatever. I do have a phone, but the connectin is aweful, so I think that's bad. It's Thursday too, so that means this weekend is coming up and might be good to connect before then. Having to take boats is a big problem too as it cuts off the entire night, unless we both stay in the same village somehow (I don't want to stay over there).

Should I give it a couple days and go for next week? Any thoughts on what to say in an email?

All help is most appreciated!