Last summer I kind of stumbled across this method for closing with a girl.

At the time I was younger and I had alot of time on my hands with my father working and brother. I would wake up in my cozy bed with nothing to do and I thought, wow this would be prime time to have a girl over.

So I would cruise through my contact list and see if a girl would come over, and I would approach it like, hey you want to do something (it would be early like 8 30ish, so they wouldn't text back in till they wake) and they would always be like and do what? So I was like i'll cook you breakfast. (which I tend to believe is the most nonthreatening meal to share with a girl)

SO, if I had one to agree to come over I would get ready real fast, get rid off morning breath. This is where you put a twist on it, you grab whatever clothes you think would look best to sleep in (but don't make it noticeable) put those on hop back in bed and wait for her to call you when she arrives to your house.

She will probably call like "hey im here" so you say with that nice kind of tired voice like "oh, whoops ya let yourself in" she comes in, comes into your room and be like "yeah i'm sorry I fell back asleep after you stopped texting".

This is where it gets hard to make her feel comfortable enough to hop in bed with you to "get an extra 5 minutes of sleep". Not saying this works for everybody but I tend to have more game when I'm sleepy, so I would probably being laying down on my stomach all snugged in the bed. Then I would be like hop in i'll cook in a minute.

If you are successful with getting in the best thats great your almost there. (I have done this 3 times and I haven't got turned down once)

After she is in the bed put something on the tv that you can talk about, make fun of, a good convo starter. Flirt with her a bit, use game. Start getting close to her (dont be to aggressive, just in a cuddling way, make jokes whatever) Do that for a bit play around with her, touch her hands, hold her hand. Then soon enough you are in a bed pretty much as close as you can be with her, this is tricky you have to kindof drop the playful attitude and wait for the right time in which you can kiss her.

IF you have that right moment where you can do that, thats perfect cause after that you in. If she accepts the kiss and kisses you back you can then make out with her and do what you please.

If you do not naturally have a playful attitude, getting her into the bed might come off creepy. So do not be aggressive. Have an attitude like ok, well you can stand there and watch me sleep because you aren't getting me out of this bed right now lol.
But if you get denied I hope your a good cook.

So I hope you cant understand this, and let me what you think or can add to this. Thanks