I just learned about Soul Gazing. It is a pretty seductive ritual that is almost guaranteed to increase attraction and intimacy with your partner.

Soul gazing is when you are your partner stare deeply into each other and begin to see yourself reflected in the eyes of your lover.

When two people soul gaze, their eyes become literally windows to their soul and reveal their most intimate secrets to each other.

By gazing deeply into the depths of your lover's eyes, you connect to the very essence of their being. This ancient art of <b>Soul Gazing</b>, will enable couples to experience and increase in their intimacy and caring for each other.

It is said that the best to try soul gazing with your lover is right as the sun is coming up as it will enhance the experience.

One method is to actually try to watch the sunrise while looking into the eyes of your woman.

How to Soul Gaze:

  • Start off by standing towards her. facing each other.
  • You place your hand over your heart and she then places her hand on your heart in turn.
  • Relax, breathe slowly and pay attention to your heartbeat and your breathing while trying to time your breathing with hers.
  • Think loving thoughts and send these with loving energy to her and instruct her to do the same.
  • Continue to stare into your lover's eyes. (Remembering to look deep into their soul, rather than looking at her eyes.
  • If you or your partner cries, it's OK and don't be embarrassed.
  • Think of loving thoughts as you continue to allow your love energy to pass to her.
  • Relax and enjoy this bond you are creating with her.
  • Do this until you both feel it is time to stop, which may be anywhere from 1 minute to one hour.