good day gentlemen lets skip the 'this is my first thread etc.etc.' pleasantries and i'll get right to it.
about a week ago i was out clubbing with my best friend and wingman at our usual thursday night spot. i bump into a friend of mine (whos an absolute babe) and 2 of her friends, a banging brunette that i instantly thought "DIBS" and the usual third wheel ugo. so after a quick hug and hello with my friend i slide over next to the two friends and get acquainted. after that it was going smoothly i wasnt trying anything on for some reason just being aloof and interesting lol. after some dancing i say to the target "lets get a drink and before she even replies im holding her hand and taking her off the dance floor and onto the second floor balcony for some drinks and privacy (as private as you can get in a busy ass nightclub!)we chat its going good but then she has to leave early with the ugo because the she is staying at hers and she lives quite far out of town. so im like oh yeah no worries, hug and kiss on the cheek, " i'll see you around (wink)" and walk off into the crowd and pull another chick when shes gone lol.
yesterday i heard through the grapevine that shes interested in me and i really want to close this with one fell swoop or as close to that as possible. need some next step maneuvers.