work as a masseur during the studies (5 years), 3 years as assistant on massage course

Girls love to be massaged, during it you communicate on some energy level, so if you are relaxed they will be, if you have dirty thoughts they will sense it so be careful.
How to use it: My usual opening (already in conversation with girl) is ...your shoulders looks tense (if she have a sitting job) or palms (if she types a lot, usually they have short nails) " I'm train professional blah blah can i try to release a Tension" or whatever (i did it in clubs, malls, cinemas etc )...
step behind her, gently move her hair to side (be calm and relax so she will be to) and when you put hands on shoulders press the magic pressure points in line between spinal vertebra 1 inch from the spine (look for some shiatsu diagrams on the net) and these relax everybody, next points are in line with next lower vertebra and so on... You get the picture... I'm little bit lazy to type explanation in details so ask if you don't understand something
work on it.. in next post I will explain points on palms (feet also) which can lead girl (60% of them or if she likes you 85%) to orgasm or at least she'll be wet and you can do it anywhere
bye for now