As she walks out my front door, I get a call from my brother, "come meet me for a drink". It's 10pm on a tuesday night and it's time to chillax. I'm sitting in a sunroom, with half a glass of Johnny Walker Black, and tired as fark. Maybe it was the sex, maybe it was the whiskey but something just felt so utterly right. My brother asks me what I did that night and I tell him the short end of a simple date. He looks at me right in the eyes and calls me a man whore. To my reply, "hater". We both share a quick chuckle and take another sip of our 12 year poison.

So who is she?
How'd you meet?
Are you going to see her again?

He starts flooding me with questions about this chick that he hasn't even met. I answer his probing questions and add my details about how the sex was. (Girl liked to be choked and beat up a little) Some stuff I was really into and some I wasn't. But all these questions come unusual from my big bro. So I asked him, "what's the matter bro, your GF not giving it up anymore, you need to get excitement from my life" And another chuckle is shared between us.

His response is something that made me so unbelievably proud.

"No, I'm thinking about a few years ago when you couldn't get laid if your life was on the line, and now everytime I come home, you have a different girl on the couch...can you at least go upstairs or get a hotel room?"

Wow, it really did hit me, for so long I wasn't getting laid, it was a problem. After this we talked about everything I had to overcome. Going out night after night, Getting phone numbers and makeouts left and right, but still not getting laid. He thought I was but I had to tell him very seriously that I wasn't. It may have looked like it but a few years ago I would approach a hundred women and maybe 1 or 2 would fark me. Terrible ratio...

"What about now?" he asked... "Well, now, it depends on quality, where I go, how often and bunch of other things but it's much better and I don't have to approach 100 to get 1, a lot of nights it's 1 or 2 and get 1 just pick the right ones. A little luck and logistics"

Still he pursued why I couldn't get laid a few years ago. I told him something that shocked even me. "I was a p*ssy back then, I couldn't step up and take what vagina's belong to me"

I'll end this with two things...
1. Thank God for great wings, man-slap, PodcastPUA, and my balls! to start getting sexual with women.
2. Are you getting laid as much as you want to? Why do you think not?

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