I'm pretty new to using game to try and pickup girls. Actually only discovered this and other forums in the past 5 days but I've read a lot and learned a ton. The main reason I haven't been getting girls is because of severe anxiety/depression that made it hard for me to even get out of bed. Now that I'm on some new meds and feeling a lot better and more focused, I want to pick up as many girls as possible.

Anyway there are some girls I work with that I've always wanted to hang out with, but until now I've had no realistic chance with any of them. Yesterday was my first day of work where I really felt like I should start using some of the tips I've read online.

The one I really want the most has a bf. She came into work yesterday bitching about him immediately, she got into a fight w/him, but the good news is she wasn't bitching to me, but another (male) coworker. I had decided before work not to give a sh1t about their problems and not accept being put into the LJBF category.

Yesterday I swear I felt like a completely different person. I talked to this girl for probably 3 hours on and off when we got slow at work. She explained to me how she got her nails done (don't really give a fark but I wanted her to talk and feel comfortable), how she loves Angry Birds and some other stuff. I decided to tell her a secret. I said can you keep a secret and she smiled and said yeah...I told her one of the girls we work with has mono. Just something dumb to start off and to see if she would actually keep the secret. Then later on I told her I had another secret for her, but I wouldn't tell her until she told me a secret about herself. She said she couldn't think of any, and I said well then you have to wait until one comes to you. Depending on how it goes I plan on really escalating at this point, and after she tells me her secret I'm going to whisper in her ear "I can't stop thinking about farking your brains out." That guarantees some reaction and I can play it from there. I already floated the idea of her coming over when my family goes away next week. I'm 25, she's 19. It's lame that I live w/family but I don't really let it get in my way.

Sorry this is getting so long, but it's complicated. I've known this girl for 3 years and never really made a strong move on her. But there is actually a ton of Kino that goes on between us, she always is hugging me or pinching my cheek and sometimes even pretending to go down on me when she's like reaching down to grab something that she dropped.

I'm really really new to the whole kino and escalation idea. I feel like I am getting more comfortable talking to women and approaching, especially in friendly places such as work. The kino just seems awkward right now, I'm not subtle enough for it to work, like I might mean to just lightly touch their arm but end up pushing them a lot harder than I wanted to. I guess I have to simply try it and see what happens. Escalation I think will come naturally when I do more and more kino, but I like the idea of verbally escalating using something like I talked about above. Simply put the idea out there that you want to fark them and see what happens.