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    Default Second chance at a first date; how not to screw this up!

    Hey guys, I’m getting a second chance at a first date with a HB9, our previous two encounters took place over 3.5 years and at those times she had a boyfriend or her then, husband. Although, during one of these encounters, we were at halloween party together, I was very playful with her while her bf was playing beer pong. She pulled me into the bathroom and made out with me after I jokingly went in there with her trying to sneak ahead of her J. Anyway, I cornered her during a FB conversation during working hours one day. At the risk of appearing weird/creepy after not having talked in the last 9 months (I think she traveled for her job a lot), I said “what the heck?” and just chatted it up with her:

    Here is the conversations with my questions on how to procede at the bottom:
    ME: Hey; Haven't seen you in forever. Hope all is well!
    HB: I'm doing really good, how are you!?
    ME: fantastic. Summer has been good to me. You in town much, these days?
    (There was a 5 min delay; we were both FBing during the work day)
    ME: In any case, i miss those pretty eyes and cute smile of yours . Let me know if you want to cause any trouble in the near future. . .

    HB: haha! i like how you put that very cute. you're looking good, checked out the profile pics. As for getting in trouble - I'm back in lending and we are CRAZY busy with the rates dropping like a rock so don't think i'm going to be doing much of anything for a while

    ME: back in lending? i'd like to hear more about that sometimes; but i see that you are busy. On the other hand; everyone has to eat and blow off steam from time to time . causing minor shenanigans is a specialty of mine, lol.

    HB: haha, i miss that too.. been kind of lame lately but that's ok - yes let's grab some food next week then, that cool?

    ME: Yes, that should work. Sunday and Tuesday are my best bets. either of those work for you?
    (Long delay, 10 minutes)

    ME: I gotta run. Shoot me a text so i have your number (mine is: 555 555 5555). I'll give you a call sunday and we'll figure something out. . . . .**I already had her number, but I thought it would show my willingness to walk away if I pretended like I deleted it**
    -15 minutes later she texted “Hey, it’s HB”, I responded 40 min later with “; )”.

    So, here are my questions:
    1) How was my facebook game? Can you gauge her interest level?
    2) My phone/text game is generally terrible from a timing (see “needy” below) standpoint as well as probably in content. I owe her a call tomorrow based on the conversation above. Any tips? If she doesn’t answer, do I leave a message? Should I text instead?
    3) Overall, I’m afraid of appearing too needy (It’s my Achilles heel). She is a high class woman with men all over her. I need to demonstrate dhv, but I’m guessing she already thinks I am to some degree, but I really don’t want to blow it. I know its hard to give tips on how not to be needy, but if you have any in this context, please let me know.
    Thanks Guys!
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    Default Re: Second chance at a first date; how not to screw this up!

    If that's her real number, make sure you X it out!

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