I've known this girl for about 6 months now. I met her at a frat party. I was lucky - introduced to her by one of her sisters (not per my request). She took me to her dorm that night. Made out in the bed with our clothes on, went nowhere (Yes, shoulda used cat string/Push-Pull, didn't have the balls to). Slept over at her dorm. talked. A month later (spring break) she asks me on a date(?) - just watched a movie on a Friday night, made out after walking her to her car. The Monday (SB over, back on campus) Same thing happens - I go over to her dorm to watch a movie with her - end up making out/nothing else.

Also, whenever I tried to touch her anywhere, she would grab my hands and stop me from doing so. "Why?" I ask. "-I don't do that," she says in response. This has happened both of the times we had hooked up.

She obviously likes me, because she brought me home the night she met me, and I didn't even try. She agreed to watch a movie at her dorm. I know I made the mistake of not implementing the Cat String Theory or the push-pull routine, but I feel like I am missing something.

Fall semester is about to start, and I have almost no clue on what to do. We're both busy (me-job, her-sorority), and I need to come up with something before she loses interest.

Any advice? Ask for any other details