Hello to you all!

Last year I met this really interesting lady through university.
I took her on some social events, and also a language class I tutored myself. In summer, we celebrated her birthday in private, we had a picknick in the park. She kept on thanking me for that, through sms and FB even.
After that, she went to her home country for some months, and we kept in touch a bit.
Well, since last week she returned, and she almost immediately phoned me, and I suggested to have diner at my place that evening. She even bought me presents from her country, when I picked her up from the station.
Also yesterday, she and I had dinner at her place, and I found out some interesting things about her.
She wanted to cook for me real bad, and she kept on asking approvel on the food. You see at first, she seemed on to me, but I have problems in spicing it up to a physical encounter. Still I have difficulties in defining her pandora's box type.
Can someone give me a hint in her type? I will sum it up, the things I know about her now.

  • she is hot, 24 years of age
  • she is really bright, does two studies
  • tries to put on more sports, specifically martial arts
  • takes her studies so seriously that she once got anxiety attacks from it
  • had some dates with some guy, but apparently nothing interesting
  • she dresses really casual, especially at her place
  • she smokes a lot, but wants to quit because it costs her too much money
  • always wanted to be a man, and she likes to dress up as (male) Tim Burton characters when at costume parties
  • her parents divorced when she was 6
  • she moves and lives in all places across Europe every other year
  • she had periods of depression, and nighttime living
  • she phantasized about suicide the last 10 year, but cracks jokes on that all the time
  • she has a freaky but nice sense of humour

I have the impression that she could be a Private Dancer, but still I don't know.
Can anyone help me on this, because I have to feeling to be stuck.

Well, I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance,