So theirs a girl who is friends with my sister, and shes HB8 or at the least 7. We've been hanging out a lot, she even cooked for me, and we talk for hours on facebook almost every night. the other night she was worried I thought she was trashy or slutty, (caring what i thought) i made it clear that I didn't think that, and I would make remarks about liking blondes (she's brunette) and she made the comment "blondes are trashy" and we talked about stuff and I used dhv to heighten myself in her eyes, and

The other night she was sleeping in my sisters room as we talked on fb and I was helping her with somethign and said "im gonna go off prob be up for a bit so if u screw it up and need help come see if im up if i am i'll help if not well ur on ur own cause unless ur a hot blonde with your top off, im not getting woken up lmao" Her

response was
bahaha ugh fine. ill get the hair dye ready just incase

Then I said "ok yeah you better cause with just the top off only a 50/50 shot i'll wake up"

she said "ugg fine" so thought it was interesting and I think I did pretty well.
____________________ ___________

Also Her: omgg i need to get up so soon.

Me: sorry i kept you up all night and wore you out

bahaha oh boy

Me: lol yeah youd be saying "ohh" a lot lmfao sorry had to haha im done...for now lol

her: haha
you woulllld

Me: ohhh i feel bad now though
putting all these ideas in your head and you dont have a shot with me lmfao YUP I WENT THERE

Her: bahaha you never quit do you

Me: nope quitting's for quitters
____________________ __
How's it going do you guys think? also a little more

THe next morning, I had class at 11. My sister who drives me has class at 8 so i usually go with her and sleep in the car WELLL her(well our) friend said she has to go that way anyway and offered to drive me and on our way there we talked and nothing really substantial was said. So what now? am i already screwed or do i have a shot? I dont know what more to do I'm Negging her, ive shown higher value, she's shown subtle IOIs like keeping eye contact and laughing but no hair touch or anything with her hands touching her face. I have been careful if were talking and she asks advice to not give too much advice and if i do i NEG her in the process to show im not some "Dr Phill wannabe here for her every problem. So anyway thanks for reading any help appreciated.


So she stayed over last night and we've been talking about watching the series FRIENDS for like a week so last night she stayed over to hang with mys siter but my sister passed out at like 12 so Im in my room and the girl (lets call her L) messaged me and were talking I say im putting on FRIENDS cause I couldnt sleep...HEre's the msges

your sister is falling asleep on me

Me (intentionally waited like 10 mins to respond)
what's up

nothiiiing i think im going to take an ambien because i cannottt sleep

i cant eithe lol gonna be a long day but at this point im like fark it might as well stay up andust drink a few five hour energies

yeah seriously. what time do you have to leave?

im actually looking for "FRIENDS" online l want to watch it now lol

ahahaha id totally watch it with you hha
unless youre trying to relax n sh1t
lol just sayin

lol nah im looking for my harddrive with it now, ur more then welcome to come join me

haha awesome id love to. im gonna finish this cigarette lol
as long as im not intruding haha

i wouldn't of offered if you were dont worry (I feel like I could of did something here but couldn't think of what)

did ya find emm?
ugh this jeff kid randomly decides to im me and give me his life story

Im not gonna tell u who to and not to talk to but im telling you right now kid is trash
and yes i did u have a tough decision ahead of you....I have FRIENDS......BUT i also have almost every disney movie of the passed 25 years

yeahh oh i know. ive never even talked to him before. random people always use me as a therapist honestly.
and hmmmm
its upto you
the friends game kinda put me in a mood for ir lol

lol same here
wow I have this harddrive FULL between Friends, Scrubs, Entourage, Disney movies and every other type of movie imaginable lol i get reallly crazy with downloading

ahahah in HD?!

uhmmmm no they never released FRIENDS in HD but with my program it'll look as HD as it can look

haha thats awesome.
this kid really needs to chill and realize i dont care about him and hallys relationship -___-
(at this point I dropped my laptop)-____________- what did you just break

.....dropped my laptop

ahah oh noooohhhh

dude be a bitch and just close the convo and IGNORE HIM
hes worth nothing more (I reallly hate the kid she was talking to)

and I like everybody and i think he should rot in a very special part of hell
holy sh1t its pouring
starting withoutttt you

oh freall its that bad? haha
he seems like a tool

worse then a tool
you know those big ass boxes of tools like the four different compartments
thats him hes an uiltra tool box

im trying to end this conversation haha and lmfaooo good analogy

its onnnn

HER ahhh i heard it. im getting closr -___- lol
he wont stop. he was bitching about him and hally and im like stop taking some crazy sh1t so seriously and now hes writing some sh1t ughhh

say i got to go and GO

Her: haha im coming in your room. ill let him say his piece then go lol
____________________ ___________

After she came in she mentioned how cozy my room was. I have surround sound, big screen tv and a futon, last night my couch (futon) was in a couch position I think i'm going to unfold it next time i'm casually watching stuff just so I can be more comfortable and see what happens.