Hey, guys.

If you've ever seen Rob Judges blockbuster kiss or haven't it sorta goes like this...while your talking to a girl just do a quick peck kiss on the lips and then keep going like nothing ever happened. It's supposed to stir up all kinds of mixed emotions in her, then later u go in again and kiss for real.


I'm deathly afraid of that, so I tried a modded version last nite, didnt start out modifying it but it happened.

What I do, is after I Isolate, while we're talking, I say "you have something on your face, and i kind of get closer to her cheek like i'm trying to inspect what it is, then kiss her on the cheek, and go back to talking. then I did it to the other side later, then later looked at her eyes, then down to her mouth, and did that a few times and went in for the real kiss. I know, it took longer than it should to get a kiss, but this is for anyone still hesitant about kiss closing or whatever.