Met a girl this weekend, very cute. lots of vibing between, even got a number and a date first 2 hours, she lets me put my hand on her leg, scratch her back, shows interest, scratching her wrists wand nose but when i went for her hand this evening while watching a movie i had resistance. i rolled off of that like it was de nada and even easily rested my hand on her leg again. so brick wall moment. what next. i honestly haven't had to neg her that much but her friend, my roommate, is obviously not comfortable with it. is this the issue? if not do i just keep plowing? my other roommate has dhved the fuck out of me. as has her boyfriend and i have shown all the right traits without looking try hard according to the roommate dhving me as she is aware, she's my Pivot and we both have eyeballed each other and agree that she is attracted to me and obviously so. i have 2 female roommate.