Some of you have herd the song black and yellow by wiz, one line in the song is "Bitches love me 'cause I'm fuckin' with their best friends" I've actually found this statement (as rude as it may be lol) to be very true. Ive slept with two best friends back to back twice now. Both the second girls even came on to me, were hotter then the last, and in one cause the first friend hated (and still does aha) me more then almost anyone, (great friend right?) so i have definitely came to the conclusion that guys if you can get the one girl the best friend will almost always come to YOU! Also Im sure this theory only comes into play if the first friend was satisfied and doubt it to be as likely if you are still banging the first friend.

Dont know if this or something similar has already been posted but i thought id share my experience with everyone, who else has found this to be true?