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    Default Frame change help

    So I did an AFC move.....I told this girl (who has a bf) we need to talk and clear the air (we've been flirting and showing interest forever). She asked what was up over text and what do we need to talk about. I told her that it will come as no surprise that I like her more than just a friend and what she does with that is up to her. She started with some sh1t tests ( that i didnt reply to at all) and she then went on asking for details about why I like her and for how long....and I gave a few.

    Now , I dont think i totally farked up because she got a relief and kick out of me finally admitting I like her (she was pretty pissed another time that I held back, so I didnt want a repeat of that, cuz then Ill just loo like I am playing games). Shes the shy tpye so even though I did give into her wanting me to admit things, I feel I stepped up as a man and just put it out there.

    But now we are going to have a more in depth conversation ( she has a test and work, so cant meet up and discuss things ) and I need to some advice on how to flip the tables and have her qualify herself to me even though I am the one who already put myself out there for her.
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