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    Default Valentines First Date. Need Gameplan

    Hey, I have a dinner date with a girl I used to know back in HS. I read the game and some of mystery~s stuff, but I feel like I'm going to need a little more help on Kino Escalation if I'm going to want this girl to bounce back to my apartment. I know ill have things to talk about since she is an actor and I'm into that career. She is a 5-6 on the beauty scale so it would be rude to neg her when she is isolated. Please give any tips, i will post in detail how everything went at the end.

    How the Date went
    I picked her up at a food place (girls usually don't like guys knowing where they live on first dates), and we headed out to our restaurant. Attraction level was at about 5/10. I hadn't seen the girl in a while, and she looked pretty much what I had expected her to look, in fact looking back at this post I even said she was a 5-6, she hadn't changed one bit. I started making a few jokes and started off the casual -Since I dont really know you lets talk about the people who we went to school with- talk. I asked about some of the guys, but quickly withdrew from the thread when she seemed to stick to some. I would keep the same threads to bring back later with a bit more precision of information that I got from her. Since this is one of my first dates (I mean that I am in control and that there is a whole empty slate in my hands [no curfew, no bad parents, no friendzone to my understanding]) I begin flirting with her a bit while I was in the car. My flirtings are really cheesy, their usually the -your coming home with me tonight I bet- type jokes. They are filled with fake dhv's that have no proof, and they usually get the "pffft, please. w/e" response with all girls. She was intent on not coming back to my place after to talk.

    When we arrived at the restaurant, it was little to no surprise that the place was packed. I felt a little bad that I had driven us to this place for it to be packed, but I knew inside that it was going to happen, its valentines day after all. I hopped back in the car with her, and she mentioned that she wanted to go to this other town, but I just drove us to a close restaurant that I knew was nearby and we went in there. The place was packed as well but the line was not as long as the other place. I felt really hopeless here.

    I went over to the lady at the desk, told her to put me on the list, and went over to the girl. She had sat down in the corner, isolated from everything, it seemed like a very guarded body-language, her legs were bent towards the wall, and her arm crossed her body as she peered onto her phone. Little to no eye contact. I was standing, and then forced my self a small seat next her by schooching aside the couple that was next to her. I made little small jokes, I knew that if I negged her at this moment that it would mean game over for the date, so I could only keep a solid look and smile now and then. While we were waiting I had her talk about school, its one of those things I tend to do when I need a thread that will last long and have plenty of options for me to pick apart for later. She started reciting Shakespear for me (the girl is very outspoken), and we shared a few laughs and such. She was zoned out for a little bit, staring at her phone, you could imagine the discomfort I was in as a date. I did feel like I was Alpha-Male through this whole thing though.

    We got our table, the place was not the most spacious restaurant. Seats were just an arm length or two apart, and the menu didn't look that exciting, but hell with the menu, me and her both knew that I'm treating, and quite frankly I couldn't give two sh1ts what I was eating, I was nervous. I sat next to her in the 4 seat table, so imagine a small square, I was perpendicular to her side. I knew I had to pay a lot of attention to this part. This part was the hardest part (well in skill wise), yep, I had to sit down and eat in pace with her. I know that I should just eat if I'm hungry, but if I wanted to keep my threads in tune with the whole scenario, I would need to make sure that she ate just as much as I did and vice-versa. Maybe a bit more on my end to show some Alpha. We made some funny remarks, I brought back the "people you know" threads. She also called me a creeper a good number of times because well sh1t, I cant help but be animated when I'm trying to game (eye movements and voice texture). She had seen a friend of hers who worked at the place and ran over to him, I didn't feel too bad (I wasn't that into her at this point, I think she got the picture), she came back and apologized. I said there was nothing to be sorry for and used her friend as a thread to start back.

    Near the end of her meal she decided to go use the bathroom to pee. She even left her bag and everything at the table, I don't know about you, but when I see a girl leave her handbag when she's going to the bathroom has to be the weirdest and confusing moment of your day. I suppose she trusted me, but she said she had rushed and forgot it when she came back. The girl then took out her lipstick, and began putting it on, I have to say this was an eye-opener for the night. I didn't have much kino through the whole dinner, just a couple of pats and friend incident touches that could count as friend kino. But she was putting on lipstick, dark lipstick. I never read about that, but from using my knowledge I would say thats a HUGE ioi. She asked me a question really quick, I could tell she was up to something, then she asked me if I was a virgin. I said yes. I felt a little more comfortable after that, I payed the check, left a good tip, and left with her.

    She decided to try my car out, she pulled out the lot, but almost hit a pole so I had to take over from there. I drove us back to my street, parked the car, and then...
    HB5: "What are we doing here? I'm not going in your house Cobra..."
    I had brought a pint of Ciroc with me, peach, with some mango snapple. I knew I would need a draw for this girl, she needed to get her bitch shield lowered, I knew she would, so I bought some from my job and hid it in my car to avoid an awkward altercation. Through my analysis while I was out with her, I concluded that she did drink, she liked to have fun, and that her parents were not so onto her.
    Cobra: "But its valentines day, but look, I got you some Ciroc."
    HB5: "What flavor?"
    Cobra: "Peach, listen though, I only want to take a shot with you.":
    HB5: "We could do that in the car."
    Cobra: "Drink in my car? I'm not that stupid, just come up and take one shot."
    HB5: "Trust me I'm good.... I'm good....I'm good"
    I listened to the pacings of her answer, she said "i'm good" but she really is saying "keep breaking me down, I want to give up, give me a reason to give up."
    Cobra: "listen, I just got the apartment finished, I want you to come up, look around, have a glass, and we'll leave. Itll take like 10 minutes, sides that you can take the bottle home with you, I dont even drink that often or keep liquour in my house."
    HB5: "Fine."

    We head on upstairs.

    Cobra: "Hey just don't touch my cat."
    HB5: "Why not?"
    Cobra: "Bubu doesn't like company."

    The joke didn't even go through, but I guess I was really warning her, my cat is territorial about the apartment.

    We go inside and I have her make herself comfortable on the couch. She sat down with her coat on, and seemed like she was ready to leave soon.

    Cobra: "This'll take like 10 minutes, you like the place? I like it, I spent a lot of money on it with all the hours I have been working."
    HB5: "Yeah this place is really nice, its so clean and fresh and simple."
    I ask her how much she wanted in her cup, I wanted to show her that I was not in to get her tipsy, or drunk, just to have a genuine shot. She had me fill it up to about half the glass, and added some juice in to dilute it.

    The rest was just comfort, we never went past that cup, we sipped it for about 30 minutes, slowly and slowly I dropped my resistance. I guess the liqour made me tipsy a little, I just felt good, and I saw no reason for me to not get close to her, I mean sh1t, shes on my couch, watching my t.v., drinking my liqour. I just wanted to rip her pants off and go to town.

    And I swear..... I could of.

    ...but I didnt have a condom. I got her to make out with me, and that was my chance for kino-escalation. I could of starting touching her areas a bit, and start changing our position. But ultimately, it was me who stopped the kissing after a while, and with the lack of kino, she said she should go home, but she sat there looking at me. I knew she meant "just rip off my clothes and say your staying here tonight, keep it going babe..." but I just got up and agreed for us to go. I guess she was into me. I don't know what I did to attract her besides getting real close to her and talking nice and smooth and slightly deep with jokes and body language. It shocked me, but I felt like I had for the first time, built comfort with a girl. I mean, I easily got a nice kiss close when I dropped her off, and I felt like I could of gone farther if it wasn't for the console in my car.

    I guess ultimately my thought of comfort was just completely wrong. I thought comfort meant being able to sit together, and to just talk to each other, but no no, comfort is the gate to seduction. To be able to touch a girl anywhere you want, that is comfort. Seduction is just rapid escalations of comfort. Comfort is just a concentrated form of attraction. My ideas of the game have started to come together. Hope you enjoyed the read, till my next date.
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