Yeah...the title probably brought you here because you're bad or don't know how to kiss very well. Join the club =P

I found this technique out because of how scared I was of kissing when I started. I could approach women stone cold. I could turn them on and get them to masturbate to me over text or the phone, I could get girls over my house watching movies with me in bed, etc.

So, basically, in order for this to work, you have to -already know- how to talk to, and turn on a woman psychologically. The problem is, if you know how to do that -- you probably know how to hookup with a girl already :P For this to work WITHOUT kissing her, you have to do other sexual stuff to get her turned on! So you gotta know how to handle women!

Anyways none of this is new, but I thought Id share my process as its worked more than once.

1. If starting from facebook, establish a profile with social appeal. Your 'about me' should be simple, and funny. I have brucelee quotes and dosekis most interesting man quotes in mine.

A quick glance at all your profile pictures should make the girl want to know you. Mine are of me doing interesting stuff, or with women. Scubadiving, rock climbing, sky diving, etc.

If you dont have any pictures with women, get ones of you having FUN and ones that look FUN!

A bonus is posting statuses that people like, or other people posting on your wall....

2. Find targets. I am an asshole (not really, just in a way that intrigues women), so I know I can single out sluts and be confident in dealing with their possible bitch-tests.

I found a girl who was extremely sexy, posted sexually appealing pictures, and was not a bitch to guys who commented on her photos saying 'omg u so sexxyyy'. She even openly gave out her number sometimes. If she wasnt a bitch to those kind of guys, she's probably a slut, and it almost requires this type of girl to even continue any further

3. After you've built attraction, by being funny, different, a little cocky showing you can put up with her sh1t, staying strong in your image and frame of mind (making statements, not questions, ie. Im wondering if youd taste better covered in whipped creme or chocolate syrup), it's time to meet up. Do something fun.

In my situation, we went to the mall on the first date and just had some chat and lunch.

Its important to continue to build attraction...but cant kiss yet...its ok..just continue being funny and cocky or whatever.

However one thing Ive ALWAYS done, is, before she leaves me, Ill point to my cheek with my finger and act as if I expect a kiss on my cheek. All girls will normally kiss you on the cheek (as long as you stay still and not try to make it on the lips. This will piss some girls off! ) If they refuse to kiss you for whatever reason (they dont know if your friendzones or not, etc, just met you), cross your arms and angle your body away, for like 3 seconds. Point to your cheek again, and she will ALWAYS kiss it.

Thats how I judge if a girl likes me, or...force her too?

The next date, do something even more fun. In this specific situation I took her ATV at a property we own, and got her muddy or something. She said she wanted to shower at my house, so I knew I was in already.

After she showers and is drying her hair, were getting ready togo my buddys party, and I occasionally go into the bathroom as shes drying her hair to do things I need to do. Like I said, for this to work WITHOUT kissing her, you have to do other sexual stuff to get her turned on! In this case I just pull her hair and such.

OkOk so How do I get in her pants or her in mine without kissing her?

The end setup:

Ill just cut straight to the point -- MASSAGE.

Trading is very valueable in pickup. Always trade. If I tell a girl a joke or something, she has to tell me one back. If she wants me to do something for her, I make her do something for me first (It can be anything)

In this case, I -accidentally left a fun childish book out-, wheres waldo anyone? LOL. She -acidentially- finds the book and it reminds her of her childhood. I tell her I can find waldo faster than her. She claims she can beat me. The trade is starting to form. I ask what she wants to trade. She says full body massage. Damnnnn, I didnt even have to do any work. (For situations when there are no cool wheres waldo books), when me and a girl are just watching a movie, if we are both laying down headfirst towards the TV, I will just start drawing letters on her back and having her guess them, whatever it takes to get your hands on her and have her accept your massage (I should probably make a post on this part alone, huh?)

After you're massaging her, tell her in a normal, slightly firm voice, "I cant work with -this-(touch her shirt on)", or "Ma'am, your shirt is preventing me from doing a good job". Whatever. Remember shes a slut to begin with so she wants her shirt off anyways. If she says no, Ill say, "What, you think I care? Ill turn around or whatever" They will do it.

I suggest you learn a little about massage -- because this along is enough to get girls soaked

I put my two index and middle fingers together, and push and makes small gentle swirls on her back. I tell her that this is called a Japanese Shiatasu massage and have her ratify how good it feels.

Talk as your doing all this stuff. It makes it seem natural. Since (massage) is highly sexual, talk about the most (non) sexual thing to balance it out. Hobbies, what she did, favorite places, vacations, etc. Usually happy sh1t. Usually boring sh1t, it dosnt matter, shes wet as fark and it's taking her mind off it for now

Use many forms of massage on her back. Shiatsu. Palms. Grab and release skin. Nails scratching down her back towards the end (

Then do a sports massage on her legs. Girls say that this feels the best, because when the fark have they ever felt something good roll down the back of their whole leg? Probably never.

Then I transition from back massage to fingering.

I never ask to finger her, I never say anything sexual, etc.

Ill rotate from doing assortments of back massages, to sports massage, and keep doing it. Every other time I switch, ill progressively get closer to touching her *** with the sports massage (really getting my hands under her legs almost and everywhere).

I know I can continue ONLY when I hear her breathing heavilly. This is the single determiner on when I know to continue. Basically. to sum up everything:

Anways, this was probably way longer than it needed to be. Im free to answer any questions