I started looking into the game end of last summer. At first it was a lot to take in and I was in need for some advise and direction but didnt know anyone els who was in the game, so I decided to book myself in to a bootcamp. I chose PUA training as I heard a lot of good stuff on Gambler on-line.

I turned up at the venue 20 minutes early and bumped in to another guy who was waiting called Matej from Slovenia. We ended up becoming good friends and still keep in contact, all so with a couple of the others from the camp and talk game.

The first half of the day was taken up by lectures on your own body language-how you stand and project yourself. Openers-direct and opinion. Night game and building repore. This was done by a PUA called Alex a geeky student turned PUA trainer witch was all really good stuff, he would be taking us through most of the bootcamp. Then came the practical all important 'day game'. This was the bit we were all looking forward to but at the same time dreading it...

Before we went out we were introduced to the PUA instructors who would be taking us out. One of them was Olli a London fashion model who was their longest serving member (apart from Gambler himself) and their fashion expert (who the next day ripped in to me on my fashion during his lecture, more on that later). When we were getting paired off, Olli straight away pointed at me and said "Il take him!" I think this was because most of the group bar me and another guy were fairly geeky and could tell I worked out so new we'd get on.

The first three approaches were a disaster! The first HB9 my nerves got the better of me and after opening I got brain freeze and couldnt think of a word to say so just walked off. The second HB7 and third HB8 I couldnt really help as the girls couldnt speak much english, what can I say I like exotic looking women! The fourth HB10 was a girl called Lilly a blond 22 year old from Italy who worked in fashion. We got on great and I number closed witch really gave a good boost, I never phoned her as she was only here for two days and I was just practicing day game.

We then went back and went though more theory with a couple other PUAs on repore and then how to break repore with sexual tension, verbal word games, teasing, play fighting and a couple of bar games witch I like to use

Now it was time for the 'night game'. The pairs were switched around but again Olli asked for me as we got on well in day game, so I went back to the hotel to change in to my going out rags (whitch were later ripped into by Olli)

We turned up at the club around 8, so wasnt that busy and only had HB5 and 6s there max. This didnt stop the trainers from getting us to open them, it was none stop. The first few didnt go that well but as the night went on I got more confidant and in total got 6 number closes.

The next day was more theory by a few different PUAs a couple of witch I had seen on youtube. This was on building confidence, follow up game and social building. We also done more day game witch I done as well as I could but didnt have long out. We also found it hard to find any decent girls who werent with their bfs, then back to more theory on escelation and keno zone witch again was really good stuff and fashion. This was when Olli had me stand up in front of everyone and comletely ripped into my fashion sense, but to be fair it was very poor. I have since been back to London sopping with Olli and now iv got rid of the skate shoes and billabong hoodys and now im looking fashionable and up to date.

So in all I think the bootcamp is well worth it if you need some help starting off. It gave me an insight into the game and told me what I need to do to improve. Only thing I was disappointed in was that I was expecting at leased one of the lectures to be done by Gambler himself but we didnt get to meet him.

Hope this helps anyone who is considering in doing one.

You only live once so get out there and do it!!