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    Default Back in The Game after 4 years - how do I pick up where I left off?


    I am very grateful that you decided to read my post: I appreciate the valuable time you are taking and sharing with me.

    I need advice that pretty much boils down to figuring out how to pick up where I left off about four years ago; so, I first want to share with you a couple of examples of my peak level. I am not trying to brag or show off, especially since my level wasn't all that high, as you will see if you choose to read on. The point is, it was my own personal peak, and I want you to understand that it took a lot of hard work and self-education to reach it: I literally followed the book to the letter. Hence, I do not want to start from zero again - I want to figure out a way to resume where I left off.

    The following story exemplifies where my game was about four years ago: I was buying a Led Zeppelin CD at Virgin Megastore in Union Square, NYC; and, this HB6 next to me was looking at, as I later found out, Madonna CDs. My ears caught her muttering something to herself, and my opener was, in a cocky voice, "do you always talk to yourself in public?" She started giggling, I negged her some more, we hit it off, got her phone number, and I fclosed her a couple days later. This was my own personal peak condition - and it took about one year of diligent application of PUA techniques to achieve this state.

    I still remember my rookie mission: going to the mall with my best friend for an entire day and saying hello, or something, to every single female we saw, from infants to retirees. Over the course of a year, I went from having to force myself to talk to girls to #closing, to kissclosing, to fclosing, to talking to random girls randomly. One time some girl actually asked me, "can I make out with you," after making eye contact for three seconds at a dive bar: later that night, after we already had sex for 2-3 hours, she begged me to have anal sex with her.

    Again, I'm not trying to sound like I was an ace but I was on my way, and I felt compelled to share the above with all of you so you understand that I am not a rookie, per se. But, I did take enough time away from the game - four years - that I do not feel prepared to jump back in on that level.

    What can I do to get back into peak shape without going through all the baby steps again? What are the hottest current trends in PUA, what book is everybody reading? If you got a good forum post for me to read, I'll take that, too.

    Any help, advice, comment would be most appreciated.

    Thank you, again, for the time you took to read this.


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    Default Re: Back in The Game after 4 years - how do I pick up where I left off?


    Since (somewhere) in your brain's long term memory, you have recollections of your PUA skill set..

    I would recommend going through those baby steps, BUT shortening the process. Do it as a mild refresher.

    You'll notice yourself picking up where you left off very quickly.

    Think of it as jogging your memory.

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