Ok, I've got this friend at school. She is preeeeeety hot but I already knew her for 1 year before I discovered PUA. So im deep in the friend zone xD. So Before I move on I have a question.. Is it possible to get out of the friend zone fast?

Ok about the story. So we were talking. Me her and another friend. And as we talked it went into the more serious stuff which you don't talk about normally and then she brought up love on first site (atleast if I translate that right xD). She talked about a friend she had which fell in love with her right away. And when they first actually talked he started talking about going out right away... hjahaha When I heard that I already knew what was coming.. So she continued.
She told us that he started talking about dating etc. and she gave him the "let's just be friends" death sentence.. hahahahahha that was sooooooooo funny because that would have happened to me to If I hadn't known about the attraction phases etc. When hearing such a story again made me, again, happy about being part of the PUA community. (my friend and I were laughing at her for doing such a "horrible" thing and she starting excusing to us hahaha)

Peace out