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    Default The Art of Complimenting a Woman in the 3rd Person

    One powerful verbal technique I have discovered. Is how to violate the rule of "Don't compliment the woman." and of course, neg Theory. I turn it upside down by having figured out The Art of Complimenting a Woman in the 3rd Person.

    Instead of complimenting a woman directly, imply an imaginary 3rd person woman and then compliment THAT woman. For instance, lets take two dudes.. Chode and PUA and how they might approach the same female.

    Chode:"Hey there."


    Chode:"You know you're pretty cute."

    Girl: (rolls eyes):"Thanks"

    Chode of course, got blown out before he even began right? He violated Neg Theory.

    Lets see how PUA does the same:

    PUA:"Hey there."


    PUA:"I came over here because I thought there was a chance that I might meet a very attractive woman, you wouldn't happen to know where one might be would you?"

    Girl: (smiles, turns red and giggles as she's the only woman in the area)

    Big difference. Why? Because PUA did not violate Neg Theory by complimenting the girl directly. He implied the existence of an imaginary girl and complimented that girl, while indirectly implying the girl in front of him matched the attributes of that same woman.

    This is powerful stuff that is difficult for me to explain with a lot of examples because the opportunity to do this comes up possibly with every sentence. By clever use of Double and maybe even Triple Entendres and such, you can squeeze a compliment where it is absolutely least expected and catch a woman off guard.

    By couching the compliment in a sentence and making it indirect, it slides past her bitch filter. I assume this has something to do with how sentences are parsed in the human brain. But for some reason, complimenting a woman in 3rd person is a very clever and effective way to deliver a compliment in a very unexpected manner and if you pick up how to do this, you will begin to get many compliments from women on "being smooth".

    Here is a slightly more direct approach, but still a compliment that doesn't violate Neg Theory taken from my field report:

    PUA:"You two are exactly who I have been waiting to see."


    PUA:"Yup, a couple of well dressed and attractive women. You guys look friendly enough. I think I'll have a seat."
    Rather than saying "You guys are pretty cute." and violating neg theory, I instead implied I was looking for "couple of well dressed and attractive women", and implied that they were the very women I was looking for.

    It's complex stuff that is hard to explain and just lay out. It's something you have to pay attention to and you pick up with practice. It's really a part of good banter and flirting rather than game.. but it is powerful stuff none the less.

    So next time you want to throw a compliment at a woman, think about a way you can instead imply the compliment by complimenting an imaginary 3rd person. You may be surprised by the results.

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    Default Re: The Art of Complimenting a Woman in the 3rd Person


    That's my technique!

    Carpe diem!

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    Default Re: The Art of Complimenting a Woman in the 3rd Person

    Great stuff! It seems to me that the key difference between the two styles of compliment is that the AFC compliment (hereafter referred to as A.) Is basically a gift, whereas the pua compliment (hereafter referred to as P.) Is primary a statement of your intentions and standards. P. has certain implications, some of which are complimentary. The problem with A. is social protocol states that if someone gives you a gift you should reciprocate in some way, so she now feels obligated to be kind to you whether she wants to or not. Even though she never asked for anything from you in the first place.
    With P. You're not putting any social pressure on her to respond in a certain way. You're simply stating the situation as you see it. If she gets flattered then it is because of the situation she is in, not because you gave her something.

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