A thread discussion on Attraction Switches would be very helpful IMO to direct newbies towards. Virtually every dhv story I tell, or some off hand comment hints at one of these important switches. I decided to provide some examples that I use when trying to flip these switches. I'm using Sinn's old definitions, and there may be updated switches added by the PUA's over time but I tend to concentrate merely on these 5. I then give rough examples rather than scripted routines which will help newbies to come up with their own stories congruent to their own life history:

Attraction Switch #1: Pre-Selection by Women

Pre-selected by women. A hybrid of social proof, except that in this version, we go to great lengths to make our target and her peer group, know in no uncertain terms that we have dated women of great beauty and social status. The effects of pre-selection are many, there is the social proof aspect, as well as the ability to show that since we have had beautiful women before, we are unaffected by her beauty.
This one is fairly easy. Tell humorous stories that relate to previous dates you had, imply that the woman you were on the date with was beautiful, had a great time with you, and perhaps in some cases at least you want to imply the date ended in a gratifying sexual encounter. It doesn't matter if the date was with an HB4 you met in some scuz bar and got drunk with, pretend she was a ravishing HB10 when relating the story to the woman. Basically any positive story that involves a girl or group of girls you hang around with is acceptable for flipping this switch.

Attraction Switch #2: Leader of Men

Leader of men. Also an aspect of social proof here, but more importantly it shows the strength of character needed to inspire others to follow you. It also implies some social status as people do not follow just anyone. The idea of being a leader shows so many good things about us, that it cannot be understated.
Important one here that can be difficult at times. Basically any story that shows you as being the leader of the group. A hiking trip where your group got lost and you provided the key skills necessary to navigate everyone out of the danger would be a good type of story for this. A story like this could relate to those Astronomy geeks(like me) who know the sky. Tell about how you led the group by the stars in a remote area where there was no cell phones or GPS available to you and saved everyone. This allows you to brag about your intellectual skill, while at the same time making it look sexy. If you have to discuss something about your intelligence, then try to make yourself out to be MacGuyver, saving the day with your intelligence and wits. This is about the only way raw intelligence can be considered "sexy".

Attraction Switch #3:Protector of The Weak(Women and Children)

This one is important to show her, that if she were to get into a relationship with you, she would be safe. It shows also that if she were to have children with you her children would be safe as well. She has to see that you are willing to protect her, even at the expense of your own safety.
This one is perhaps the most important, Sinn understates it IMO. A woman has to know she'll be safe with you. My favorite DHV's that flip this switch usually come from my job as a hotel manager where instances I've had to rescue "my" girls from the unwanted advances of Strauss-Kahn like businessmen drunk on wine and their own importance. This type of story also indirectly relates back to "Leader of Men". You can modify this "saving the damsel from the evil drunk chode" in a million ways. Other types would be when you were a teenager and maybe saved your mother/sister from an enraged husband/boyfriend. Women love these sorts of tales.

Attraction Switch #4:Willingness to Show Emotional Vulnerability and Wide Range of Emotions

The ability to show her the range of your emotions is very powerful. You have to demonstrate to her very clearly that you are someone who follows they’re emotions. It just so happens that your emotions lead you toward being pre-selected by women, a leader of men and protector of loved ones.
This is one that can be flipped by default. It should be fairly easy in even basic Fluff conversation to convey a wide range of emotions. Come up with DHV stories that incorporate an "emotional rollercoaster" aspect within one story, or a series of them launched consecutively that lead both her and you into positive emotional states. Try to avoid negative ones unless the situation calls for a "pity moment" or some other such bull.

Attraction Switch #5: Lifestyle

The type of life you live, that you would be bringing a woman into can be attractive. You should be actively conveying what she can expect if she were to become you’re girlfriend. Will she be sitting at home all the time watching you eat KFC? Or will she enter a world where she is whisked away to a cool party with awesome people. Does she enter a bottle service party where the man she desires is surrounded by other women? Or is she whisked away to the top of a mountain on an amazing hike. Where can she expect to be with you? Wealth DHVs would also fit in here.
This one can be difficult for "average" guys because lets face facts. Most of us work our asses to the bone and have very little time or money to be sweeping women off to the tropics. But that's okay. We can still come up with congruent tales that can be used. Tales of exotic vacations you may have had (be sure to add a hot woman you met there or took with you) work well in these situations.

Well, I think that's about all I can come up with at the moment. The main thing to remember is that you want to convey all of these characteristics throughout your entire interaction and should look for ways to flip these switches multiple times each during each interaction. Most, if not all of your routine stack can be wrapped around these 5 themes.

For guys who "run out of things to say", simply remember these switches and come up with an off the cuff story to flip one.