This man was the greatest womanizer of his age. He has a huge influence on my game. I suggest you watch this 3 minute video of his game at work, and see if you can learn a lesson or two.

I give you...

Groucho Marx

Watch Carefully... 2 minutes in the AMOG shows up. Watch Marx's body language very very carefully. A great lesson.

He turns his back to the AMOG and talks over his shoulder to the guy, and the AMOG destroyers are worth writing down. He rips the guy a new one.

"Hey! Don't look now but I think there might be one too many men in this room, and I think you might be him!"

Another favorite is:

"How about you loan me 12 dollars till payday?"

AMOG:"Twelve dollars!"

"Don't be scared! You'll get it back! I'll write you a promissory note good for 90 days, if you don't get it back you can keep the note!"


There are a ton of negs and one liners in this sequence you can steal to have a group of girls laughing hard, especially at the chode.

That is the beauty of this old vaudeville comedy. It's based on a straight man, so all you need to do is find you a straight. That can be your target, or the AMOG.