Well with Mother's Day behind us I was thinking about my relationship with my mother. Now my mom is now 55, a relatively attractive cougar when she decides to actually put some makeup and a dress on, and is just a man killer. She struts her stuff, flirts with men shamelessly right in front of their women, punks the women out and basically owns the room. She can work a room like none other once you unleash her.

Together we have crashed frat parties, bachelorette parties. Hell man, before I had real game, I still got laid all the time because of my mother being a social butterfly.

Now that I have game, it's much more fun. We both go around working the room. Often she'll distract a boyfriend while I try to pick up his girl. It's funny as hell because we've actually done it several times.

Sometimes I'll be just sitting get a drink the bar and some chick will walk up and call my name and I never met the girl before in my life. She said she's a friend of my mom, as in 5 minutes ago she met my mom and mom made her a friend, and she said that the girl should go meet her son who is cooler than she is.

They say "You're mom is like the coolest!" and ioi me and I'm just sitting there dumbfounded like "Where did this come from?"

I tell chicks when we're out "Oh yeah, I'm taking mom out to get her a few drinks and let her find a man." and they go "aww that's so sweet!" then I counter by leaning in and saying "you know, I'm here looking for women myself." with a sly grin. They get the message and IOI's pop.

So, this Friday after a 90 day absence from the social scene while I was engaged in heavy work duties which end this week leaving me with a fat paycheck and plenty of money to drink and ho around on. We're going to head out and paint the town red. I got a series of good prospect places all set up and we're going to hit them all one at a time and party from Friday night all the way into Sunday if we can recruit people for our after parties.

So it should be blast. I'll be sure to put out an extensive field report of the approaches, the drama, and the hedonistic pleasures of a mother-son PU team at work.