So this girl, that has huge breasts and all ways posts pic of herself with a bikini, cleavage etc. made a post about how girls that dress provocative should not be surprised that they get the wrong crowd chasing them(in a nutshell) being hot and big breasted she immediately got dozens of likes and comments on how right she is, except one girl who was against her because she posts the same stuff herself, now this made me mad because she was just so hypocritical, I called her out and basically made her look like an idiot(stating she has a lot of pics with swim wear and that it is the same thing)
After that she tried to make it look like she has a lot to say but she can't be bothered and that I AM wrong because I started arguin, again, i said that's bull and that she shouldn't even post this stuff if she doesn't want to talk about it, this is a WORLD WIDE social network(all of this is in a really tight nutshell, very long convo on facebook).
Anywho, what followed is that the one girl who also called her out(very cute too) send me a message stating that she never ever sends guys she doesn't know messages but she just had to because of what I said, because I had the balls to do what no-one else had.
Friends, don't be afraid to speak the truth, call attention whores on their sh1t, disagree no matter how hot the woman is, if you feel like she is wrong, all ways say what you really believe.
Do not be afraid to say no.

Hope this was informative.