Went out with my mate last night, and again was astounded by how good he is with women. Known him ten years, and during that time hes gone through hundreds of women.

Hes overweight (big beer belly), not conventionally attractive (scruffy, unkempt), and loves getting wasted.

BUT....women love him. Ive been trying to work him out for years and last night after he opened set after set, I realised hes got one thing - unshakeable confidence, and doesnt take anything seriously.

The girl he hooked up with last night had to be a nine. It just demonstrated to me, that looks nor money really matter, this guy is just a natural. Hes had one policy with women all his life - you should have at least three girls in your phone book you can call and sleep with with a moments notice.

He told me when he was about 17, having grown up in a rough council estate with aspirations to "make it", he decided hed stop giving a shit when it comes to women. And my god its worked.

Im glad I have him in my life - Ive got some game, but I learn a lot from him - he doesnt have routines, doesnt have tactics, doesnt memorise lines. Hes just natural.