My name is Nick from Australia and I am a little over a week away from a big trip in across the USA and parts of Canada
I am traveling with a mate who is a good wing, we’re both 25 and we start in NYC from July 2nd until the 6th and would like some suggestions with places to visit at night.

My buddy and I like to party and wanna go to some good clubs, pubs, bars, etc. So I have a few questions, any answers would be appareciated.

1.What are some “must visit” bars and clubs or some areas where we should definitely hit up?
Just wanna have a decent shot of getting in and there to be a good guy/girl ratio.

2.On July 4th, what is the go with venues on this night? Do you need tickets or to pre-arrange entry to good places?
A few places suggested to me already include 230-fifth and Hudson Terrace. Has anyone been to either of these and can provide a little insight? Open to all suggestions though.

3.In general, despite it being summer, what are the areas around college campuses like to party in? Are there many bars, etc?

4.Any general tips are all appreciated also.

Being Aussie, I am told our accents are definitely to our advantage, so can't way to start talking to the beautiful women over there.