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Thread: My Direct Game Frame - Cody

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    Default My Direct Game Frame - Cody

    Iíve had a substantial number of guys ask me questions that ultimately come down to this: How?

    How do you get that frame? That state of mind where you donít think twice about going direct. Well, the truth is I canít tell you. Iím not saying itís a secret, Iím saying it canít be taught. Any guy who says he can is lying to you. Itís Enlightenment. You find it yourself. So if I canít teach it to you, I can do the next best thing. Share my state of mind.

    And for the record, itís not something you get from sarging (x) amount of women per day. If youíre still into that then you arenít ready to read this, and if you think you are you wonít understand. So if youíre still in that stage, please stop reading. You wonít get anything out of this.

    My frame is my life. I live my life; therefore, I live my frame. There shouldnít be a difference between your ďgameĒ frame and your ďlifeĒ frame. If youíre trying to do this (i.e. put PU in one box and life in another) you may be successful with women, but you will never become a natural. You will always feel artificial with women because youíre hiding, and real men donít hide. Women want real men. Do the math. Donít hide.

    To take this further, donít change frame due to outside stimulus or variable change. You are solid, and variables change around you. Regardless of your environment, your frame remains the same. Kill Communication Accommodation Theory. Be the same person around your dog, your grandma, your women, and yourself.

    Did you get that? Because if you didnít ďgetĒ it the rest of what I have to say wonít work. You might understand but you wonít be capable of incorporating it into your life. If you donít think youíre there, read it anyway, then come back and read it again once youíre centered. If you are able to incorporate this into your life you probably already have and donít need any of this.

    My three seconds:

    I would hope you all know the three second rule by now. Hereís everything that goes through my mind in those three seconds:

    If I Decide to Approach:

    Iím going to go over and talk to her. It doesnít matter what I say. All I want to do is find out whether or not sheís a cool girl worth my time. If sheís not, I walk away. If she disqualifies herself, I walk away. It doesnít matter how I eject, because I donít care. Sheís not worth my time so why would it matter? Iím not afraid to make it an interrogationóquesti on after question. Iím just gathering the information I need, and if she becomes uncomfortable she is, once again, not worth my time. I want quality not quantity because I already have quantity. If she passes I congratulate her and tell her that most girls donít, which is true. They donít. Iím selective. Good job being what Iím interested in.


    Are you serious? Who cares? Fear of rejection is one of the most irrational fears that you can have. I just got rejected. Am I okay? Is the world still spinning? Are my pants dry? Oh, wow. Nothing happened. I guess there really is no reason to be afraid. There is no such thing as a worst case scenario concerning rejection. If I donít know her then Iíll probably never see her again. Cool, no big deal. If I know her vaguely and Iím afraid that sheís going to tell her friends, great! I hope she does, that way her friends know exactly what to expect from me before I even meet them. Thatís just less work for me in the long run. If I know her very well at least she now knows Iím not a p*ssy. Sheíll come around. They always do.

    If I Decide NOT to Approach:

    I donít approach AN INSANE amount of women. I have no desire to. I donít want athletes because most of them are b*tches. She may be hot but I just overheard her say that last semesterís GPA was a 2.5. F*ck that. Girls are a dime a dozen and I feel bad for the ones that never get the chance to know me. I could make their lives great.

    The women that I choose to keep in my life are lucky to have me. I have a lot to offer. I am the guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be.

    Thatís my frame.
    Wondering where I am now? Check out my latest project:

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    Default Re: My Direct Game Frame - Cody

    Nice!!! I hope these guys get what you are saying, at some point you stop trying to be the man and you become the man.

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