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Thread: What I wear

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    Default What I wear

    Something just occurred to me and for some reason I had not thought of this. Figured I get a quick opinion from you gents.

    I am currently in Jacksonville, NC. If I go out here in Jville I always.... ALWAYS feel overdressed. Now for some reason I feel this shouldn't bother me because I had blending in with the crowd at the night venues.

    Now although I have only found one place in JVille to go out which I enjoy because there aren't immature chodes around, my preferred area is Wilmington.

    Wilmington is a college town which is flooded with college girls and beautiful locals. Most of the women at the these venues range from 19-25. The older women surely do stand out which I have noticed forces them to go other places. I am 31yrs old btw.

    I have read somewhere that when you go out, the way you dress should express your attitude which I totally agree on. Every item you wear says something about you. Women notice because like them, they understand that you are deliberately wearing these items for one reason or another.

    I am not here to say that when I go out I feel like I look super amazing.... I actually do feel I am the best dressed man with the exception of my friend who goes out with me often, but I guess that part I am wondering on is this.... If I am in a college town, should I dress a bit more down vice dressing up????

    I have to admit. Women open me up just on one item alone and that's my fedora hats. Dudes open me up on one particular Diesel watch I love to wear. I've had guys come up and shake my hand while stating I am the best dressed dude at the joint because everyone else is wearing the same thing. Shorts, t-shirt, short sleeve button down, baseball cap, chewing tobacco at times(blows my mind), sandals and so on. You get the pic.

    I guess I just want to get you guys' opinion on this. I feel I'm doing right so far but on the same token it's always good to get second opinions from time to time.

    included is a pic of what I might wear at some random occasion. I no longer wear those shirts. Now I go with solid color button down with sleeves rolled to show off my tats along with a V-Neck Shirt. Normally a simple bracelet, and that's about it. Used to wear rings but I felt it's too much now so I just stick to watch and bracelet.
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    Default Re: What I wear

    Just one thing: how tall are you?

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