I've been on and off "pickup" forums for quite a while now and I love reading stories such as field or lay reports. Mostly because people are sharing personal pieces of their memories that can be insightful, informative, and even entertaining. Lately, I've been really inspired by a group of "pickup" men to do at least a pickup a day for a year and document the most memorable ones so a few years down the line, or when I'm old, I can look back and simply smile at all the memories I had.

I thought "Hey, why not share this idea to everyone." So for months on end, I teamed up with some people to build a place where men can document their pickup journey, download pdf copies of their journal, and select which stories/lessons/quotes/techniques to share (make public) in order to inspire others and receive feedback.

I wanted to make a resource of pure knowledge where it's not only meaningful for each member on a personal level (documenting their journey and monitoring their progress), but they are contributing to something much greater (offering personal stories, advice, and techniques to men who lack them).

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