Women do not want a mate, a man who procrastinates and is lazy. As you get older and have families, you will realize how important time is, if you can achieve time management early on, it will demonstrate your a higher value male as being a man capable of being a good father. When your young, you watch too much tv, play video games, use your phone everywhere, it is wasting your productive time.

On my journey's in PUA, you focus on self-development to increase your confidence and strengthen your inner-game. There's Ekert Tolle, Dale Carnegie, and I found out about Randy Pausch. If you haven't listen to his last lecture, it is inspirational. I will link to it on the bottom. He also has a lecture on time management and it is superbly valuable.

I work two jobs 65-70 hours a week, started back for my masters, play poker 15-20 hours a week, workout 3 times a week, and find time to sarge. I have fun, I am achieving my goals and going after my dreams.

Create a system, for file keeping and for how you study, your work that is efficient for you. Everyone's system is different but create you. Get yourself a day timer, write down everything...whether it is important or not. You will learn you can not do something if it is meaningless. It will leave you more time to complete what is important.

Learn to say NO! Be helpful, be caring. Tell the truth. If in a professional setting, learn to delegate effectively. Don't delegate the task you don't want, then micromanage. Delegate then empower, but still do the worst task yourself. Distractions take 5-9 minutes to recover from, learn to turn the tv off. Your in a meeting, date, school learn to turn your phone off. Ask yourself why you are going to class today, this meeting today, why it is important.

Overall, time is finite. Use it to have fun, use it to build a great lifestyle, and how to live. Develop a system. If you were given 6 months to live and you had a list of things you want to do, you are not doing it right. There is enough time in the week to accomplish a lot of things. Working 65-70 hours a week is not a grind for me, through time management and pick up skills, I have fun and socialize, I know I am working to accomplish my goals. Learn to have an agenda, like texting a girl you got her number, have an end goal in mind...setting up a day 2, you want to accomplish X,Y,Z so you can have time to sarge, play golf, go on a cruise.

Randy Pausch's last lecture. Big inspiration in many lives.

On time management.